China World Chaîne Day
Bailliage of Beijing
Beijing, April 21, 2018
Celebrating with the 'rite of spring' in Beijing
" a celebration of nature and culture through ultra-modern cuisine "

Beijing’s Ordre Mondial group marked World Chaîne Day with a “rite of spring” event inspired by Igor Stravinsky’s avant-garde masterpiece from 1913. It was a celebration of nature and culture through ultra-modern cuisine, as well as the burst of springtime colours expressed through wine.

Our festivities began in the Tang Ballroom of the Four Seasons Hotel with a violet “Aviation,” a classic New York cocktail invented in 1916. To accompany this drink Executive Chef Aniello Turco prepared hors d’oeuvres of foie gras, cherry lollipops, and pickled radish.

Our colour palette for the evening turned to gold with a minerally Champagne Blanc de noirs which Chef Aniello paired with lightly-steamed oyster dressed with avocado kiwi and mint spray.

A “green” and refreshing Vinho Verde Alvarinho from Portugal followed, paired with an “accartocciata” pasta dish of artisanal candied ginger and spinach pesto.

Salmon pink was the next colour entry in the form of a Grenache-based rosé blend from Provence. It came with Chef Aniello’s scallop “veil” with a strawberry gazpacho, raspberry, cherries, and drops of rose oil essence.

The next two wines, a golden-brown, oxidized Vin Jaune Savagnin from the Jura region of France and a light ruby Premier Cru Pinot Noir from Burgundy, were a study in contrasting colours and production styles. These were served with a risotto of roasted Peking duck, Japanese pumpkin, and burnt orange zest, followed by slow-cooked veal topped with “tuna snow”.

For the cheese course, Chef Aniello’s “blue pear” creation using aromatic Gorgonzola cheese was paired with a red-violet Zinfandel from Sonoma County, California. The dessert course of Nutella chocolate, peanut butter and avocado cream tart with mignardises made a perfect partnership with a 10-year old amber Malmsey Madeira from Portugal.

Acknowledging the valuable support of the Oredre Mondial group in Beijing, a big “thank you” was given to the Four Seasons’ General Manager, Andrew Debrito, and to the Mio team of Chef Aniello Turco, Chef Sandeep Bhagwat, Joce Liang, and Daniel Lu.

Appreciation was also expressed to wine suppliers CWS Beijing, Imperatrice Beijing, Palatium Importaçao & Exportaçao Macao, The Corkery New York, and Royal Wine Merchants New York.

Vive la Chaîne!

Michael Delacruz