Monaco World Chaîne Day
San Remo, April 21, 2018
A lovely, convivial day with friends

More than 75 members from Italy, Monaco and France accepted the invitation from the Bailliage of San Remo to visit the San Domenico Convent in Taggia and have lunch in the stunning setting of the Restaurante Macine del Confluente in Badalucco, near Imperia.

Massimo Ivaldo, Bailli Honoraire of San Remo, and his wife Gabriella Ivaldo, the current Bailli, were accompanied by around 30 Italian members. They warmly welcomed fellow members from the Principality of Monaco and their Bailli Délégué Gérard Canarie.

Towards the end of the morning, Roberta Croce took guests on a fascinating tour of the San Domenico Convent which houses a rich a collection of masterpieces by Brea, Canavesio and Parmigianino.

Later on, in the unique setting of a former oil mill five kilometres inland, Tiziana, Gigi and their team welcomed everyone to their restaurant, “Le Macine del Confluente”.


Welcome drinks in the Garden

Slow-grilled crispy octopus
creamed Badalucco haricot beans, dried Taggiasca olive breadcrumbs
confit Savona Chinotto (1st Prize for Slow Food)

Warm rabbit salad
sun-dried tomatoes, Taggiasca olives and parsley

Il Primo Piatto
Durum wheat Maltagliati with Grana cheese
served with Taggiasca olives and crispy San Remo artichokes

Il Secondo Piatto
Caramelised pork tenderloin with a chestnut sauce

Savona Chinotto Semifreddo (1st Prize for Slow Food)

Coffee and liqueurs
Chef’s petits fours

Selected by our Échanson
Rossese e Vermentino Estremo Ponente Ligurie

What a lovely and convivial day spent with friends for World Chaîne Day!

Gérard Canarie
Bailli Délégué