Italy Grand Chapitre
Rome, April 12-15, 2018
400 participants from 27 countries!
" four days of excitement with wonderful dining in outstanding venues "

Founded in 1954 the Bailliage of Italy celebrated its 50th Grand Chapitre in Rome, the Eternal City. Attended by 400 participants from 27 countries, we were honoured to have so many important guests joining us in particular President Yam Atallah as Inducting Officer and International Vice-President Marie Jones.

For those who have visited Rome unquestionably it is the most magnificent city in the world. The city has a culture much in tune with the values of the Chaîne: that of food and the art of cooking where delicious cuisine combines perfectly with drinking properly.

Due to the presence of so many different civilizations over the centuries, Roman cooking means history and tradition. The 400 were in for an exceptional treat in all aspects as the programme was full of both formal and tourist-type events … the organisation involved was something else.

Thursday 12th
Lunch at Osteria Olivia, a Chaîne member establishment, was followed by a private guided tour of the Palazzo Colonna, one of the oldest and largest private Roman palaces. Its gallery is just as marvellous as the great halls of Versailles. From the very beginning, it was conceived as a large boardroom which was to celebrate the victory of the Christian fleet over the Turks at the Battle of Lepanto in 1571.

Dinner was in the Crystal Lounge of the Ristorante Mirabelle at the Splendide Royal Hotel. Also a Chaîne member establishment, it is here that the thousand year-old beauty of Rome appears in a magnificent mirror game of reflections that leaves guests breathless.

Friday 13th
There were four guided tours on offer with lunch at Da Roberto e Loretta declared by Il Messaggero, as the best Roman Trattoria:
- The Colosseum, Roman Forum, Capitoline Hill, Theatre of Marcellus
- Capitoline Museums, Capitoline Hill, Theatre of Marcellus
- Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel, St. Peter’s Basilica
- The Borghese Gallery and gardens

For dinner we were spoilt for choice:
- Michelin 1-star Antonello Open Colonna Restaurant which offered a combination of gastronomic refinement and a warm setting involving all the senses in a unique, special experience under the stars.
- Michelin 3-star Ristorante La Pergola Heinz Beck in the Terrazza degli Aranci, a private room with an amazing view.

Saturday 14th
The four guided tours on Friday were on offer once more so that members and guests did not miss out on any of the iconic experiences of historic Rome.

Saturday morning’s main event was the Induction Ceremony in Campidoglio (Capitol Hill’s Mayoral Hall). It was presided over by President Yam Atallah.

The evening venue was the magnificent Palazzo Brancaccio where a formal reception was followed by the Gala Dinner prepared by Chef Giovanni Luca Di Pirro, Chef Fabio Baldassare and Maestro Dolciere Alfonso Pepe. The menu celebrated Italian cuisine at its finest.

Sunday 15th
Cultural tours available were:
- Hadrian and D’Este Villas in Tivoli, the Italian Garden included in the UNESCO world heritage list with lunch
- Lungotevere to the Pantheon, through Piazza Farnese, Campo De’ Fiori and Piazza Navona with a farewell lunch at Ristorante Casa Coppelle

This Grand Chapitre, the 50th such event in the 64 year-old history of the Bailliage of Italy, comprised four days of excitement with wonderful dining in outstanding venues. Above all it will be remembered for the conviviality and friendship shared in every moment.

We look forward to welcome you to our next Grand Chapitre which will be held from May 9-12, 2019 in Abbruzzo/Pescara.

Vive la Chaîne!

Roberto Zanghi
Bailli Délégué