Germany - Fairmont Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten
& its four Chaîne members
Consistently ranked amongst the top hotels in the world
" A treasure trove of history and luxury "

Four Chaîne members are involved with maintaining the high standards that have led to the Fairmont Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten in Hamburg being consistently ranked amongst the top hotels in the world.

The Fairmont Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten is proud of the blend of individuality and heritage that distinguishes it from the ordinary and justifies its claim of being ‘A treasure trove of history and luxury’.

Ingo Peters, Officier Maître Restaurateur, has been General Manager of this unique hotel for 20 years. He told the Revue internationale that being offered the job was a highlight of his career, as he first joined the Fairmont as an apprentice (as a waiter) in the early 1980s. Returning after 15 years working abroad brings his career full circle.

Christoph Rüffer, Maître Rôtisseur, is the Executive Chef of the Fairmont’s Michelin 2-star Restaurant Haerlin. The highlight of his career, he says, was when the restaurant was awarded its second Michelin star and he was named ‘Chef of the Year’ in 2014 by Gault Millau. “That’s something really special. It’s like the Oscar of the gastronomy scene. You can only be voted Chef of the Year once in a lifetime, so it’s really an honour.”

Other dining venues at the Fairmont Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten include Nikkei Nine, which is described as offering ‘innovative Japanese cuisine with Peruvian ingredients’. It’s an unusual combination, which owes its origins to the kitchens of Japanese immigrants to South America, predominantly in Peru and Brazil.

There was no wasabi in Peru at the time, so the Japanese used chilli instead. Nikkei Nine serves sushi with chilli, for instance, with other dishes including miso salmon with yuzu cucumber and wasabi aioli.

The Revue internationale asked the Fairmont team to name the most exciting current trend in the world of gastronomy.

Ingo Peters makes the case for ‘poke’ (also spelled ‘poki’). This Hawaiian speciality is the latest in the trend of creating fine dishes from raw fish. It features diced fish or seafood, seasoned with soy sauce and/or sesame oil and tossed with anything from minced green onion to seaweed, sesame seeds or diced jalapeno.

Also on the team at the Fairmont Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten are Chef Rôtisseur, Tobias Günther, Sous Chef and winner of the 2008 International Final of the Jeunes Chef Rôtisseurs Competition and Rôtisseur, Julius Burchardt. Tobias trained at the Müritz Hotel Klink and joined the Fairmont in 2003. Julius started his training at the Fairmont in 2015.

Amanda Roberts
Editor, Revue internationale de la Chaîne