Australia - Seppeltsfield
One of Australia's oldest wineries
A marriage of Barossa Valley history and fine winemaking

There can be little doubt that if Australia has a regional wine story that has resonance around the world then it is The Barossa, comprised as it is of Barossa Valley and its elevated, beautiful high country, Eden Valley. The Barossa is more than just a wine region it is also a vital culture of generational fine wine endeavour, pioneering European influence, gastronomic excellence and strong community spirit. Above all, it is a pride in a local sense of purpose and belonging.

Seppeltsfield was established in the Barossa Valley by Joseph and Johanna Seppelt just 15 years after the European settlement of South Australia. Steeped in rich Barossan heritage, the estate is considered a true national treasure which helped shape the history of the Australian wine industry.

In 1850, Joseph Seppelt, an emigrant of Silesia, purchased 158 acres of land in the Hundred of Nuriootpa from Hermann Kook, farmer of Tanunda, at £1 an acre. Designating it ‘Seppeltsfield’, his original intention was to farm tobacco, with later Seppelt generations concentrating the estate’s efforts on grape growing and winemaking.

Seppeltsfield flourished throughout the 1900s as part of the Seppelt family’s expanding interests in the liquor industry, which grew to include vineyards and wineries across various Australian regions. Along with wine, the Seppelt stable included spirits such as brandy, gin and vermouth as well as an assortment of cordials, vinegars and essences.

Whilst the Seppelt expansions of Great Western and Rutherglen (Victoria) were highly prized, it was always the original home of Seppeltsfield in the Barossa that was regarded as the jewel in the crown.

Over 420 acres surround the Seppeltsfield estate – now a combination of ancient vineyards, historically significant winemaking buildings, majestic gardens and priceless architecture. The property boasts twelve heritage listed buildings, 2000 Canary Island palm trees and over 25,000 barrels of prized fortified wine, maturing gracefully within the estate’s vast cellar holdings.

Seppeltsfield is most famed for the Centennial Collection – an irreplaceable and unbroken lineage of Tawny of every vintage from 1878 to current year. The estate remains the only winery in the world to release a 100 year old, single vintage wine each year. The estate also boasts a remarkable collection of ‘Apera’, from Fino to Oloroso Sherry styles, held in vast ‘Solero’ nursery cellars.

More recently, the recommissioning of an 1888-built gravity-fed cellar has revitalised the estate’s prowess with still wines. Super premium Barossa red varietals are once again passed through the Gravity Cellar, which enables gentle colour and tannin extraction – now a coveted modern-day winemaking practice.

Seppeltsfield is a marriage of Barossan history, community and fine winemaking endeavour. A new golden era now sees art and design (through JamFactory studios) and gastronomic excellence (through FINO restaurant) contribute to an exciting renaissance of Australia’s iconic wine estate.

Chad Elson
Sales & Marketing Manager, Seppeltsfield