OMGD China 'Cocktails' Dinner
Bailliage of Shenzhen
Shenzhen, May 26, 2018
Wonderful cuisine, delightful cocktails, charming service
" one of the most enjoyable, fun-filled events of the year "

The Bailliage welcomed members and their guests to what with hindsight will undoubtedly be one of the most exhilarating, fun-filled OMGD events of the year.

The event took place in MagPie, one of the newest additions to the increasingly exciting dining scene in Shenzhen. Known for the intriguing cocktails and mixologies MagPie is the perfect place for everyone to come for an evening of light-hearted social gathering.

To everyone’s delight, we were treated to a cotton candied cocktail that was a pure joy to the eyes as well as the palate and to the juice of rare black carrots from north-eastern China from where MagPie’s Head Chef Cadence Gao originates. He had decided to create a progressive North East China cuisine to pair with all the cocktails from the mixologist’s repertoire.

We started with Muslim siu mai, an interesting twist on traditional Cantonese siu mai (a type of traditional Chinese dumpling), whereby pork is intriguingly replaced by venison. Paired by “Nasturtium Fizz” which enhanced and rounded off the gaminess, it was truly enjoyable.
Second: spiced octopus flawlessly cooked, tender, perfectly-seasoned accompanied by vanilla potatoes with white truffle. The citric essence of the volcanic white wine complemented the dish beautifully.
Star of the evening: pheasant with black carrots and smoked mushroom wowed everyone. The meat was cooked faultlessly with a myriad of ingredients showcasing the flavours so well. The accompanying barrel-aged “Manhattan” enriched and uplifted all the flavours of the dish which added the crowning touch to this wonderful arrangement.
Dessert: red bean with meringue and Osmanthus and Vitasoy concoction. Everyone was awestruck by how the familiar can be adapted and presented in such a fascinating manner. 

Determined to continue partying “Burning Pine”, a hearty drink with a refreshing scent of rosemary and sweetness of pine nuts, was the answer.

MagPie’s informal atmosphere, wonderful cuisine, delightful cocktails plus charming service created one of the most enjoyable, fun-filled events of the year.

Warmest gastronomic regards

Kevin Chang