USA Dinner
Bailliage of Ponce
Ponce (PR), April 12, 2018
Milano on wheels

After suffering total destruction and many losses, compassion, appreciation for life and friends took a new meaning. One of the terrible outcomes of Hurricane Maria across Puerto Rico was the reality of reinventing oneself.

Chef Rôtisseur Eliezer Perez lost his entire restaurant and collection of cook books. In his quest for reinvention he equipped a food truck bearing the name of his old restaurant, Milano. Now on wheels it was the fastest way back to doing his famous, well-known Italian dishes.

Our Bailliage got together for a fund raiser on behalf of Chef Perez’s new venture. Each couple replaced one of his famous cookbooks. It was a wonderful evening reliving the good old menus that made Milano's a respected restaurant in Ponce.

This event was an important part of the beginning of a wonderful future for “Milano on Wheels”.


Milanese-style brochettes

Piquillo peppers stuffed with sausage meat

Cream of portobello mushroom soup
with truffle essence

Genoa-style salmon

Bolognese-style pasta

Roast marinated fillet of pork

Cappuccino flan

Although we have the privilege of sharing good food and wine at the table, in the Chaîne it is the friendships we value the most.

We should all be thankful for our blessings and be respectful of those who may be less fortunate due to weather destruction beyond their control.

May we be ever mindful that ‘together in harmony at the table’ can go far beyond. This is what our Bailliage did for one of its own.

Jorge Torres