Thailand - Fredi Schaub
Maître Rôtisseur
An institution in Pattaya
" The annual Chaîne dinners at Bruno's is a culinary highlight eagerly anticipated by the members "

Ever since Bruno's Restaurant first opened its doors in Pattaya in 1996, Fredi has been creating fine cuisine to tempt the taste buds of his customers. Fredi was born in Switzerland over fifty years ago and soon became fascinated in the culinary arts when he tasted his mother's fantastic cooking.

After finishing all the qualifications needed to become a top chef and having learned how to put theory into practice, the wanderlust took over and Fredi set out on his travels to learn how others did it.

Fredi soon became noticed at such well known places as the Southampton Princess Hotel (Bermuda), Marriott Hotel Copley Place (Boston, USA), The Drake Hotel (New York, USA), Lafayette Swiss Hotel (Boston, USA) and the Landmark Hotel (Bangkok).

It was at the Landmark that Fredi was discovered by Alois Fassbind, the famous General Manager of the Royal Cliff, aka Mr. Pattaya. He hired Fredi on the spot and appointed him Executive Chef for the well-known hotel.

In 1996 Alois Fassbind and Resident Manager Bruno Forrer searched far and wide for a chef to put into practice what they dreamed of doing, i.e. owning a restaurant. They soon realized that the ideal choice was right on their own doorstep!

It was the same year that Fredi joined the newly-founded Bailliage of Pattaya as Maître Rôtisseur. He has been a member ever since serving the Bailliage as Vice-Conseiller Culinaire, subsequently taking Honoraire and earlier this year reverting to the Maître Rôtisseur grade once again.

For 22 years Bruno’s Restaurant has been a Pattaya institution when it comes to fine dining. The annual Chaîne dinners at Bruno’s is a culinary highlight eagerly anticipated by the members.

Peter Windgasse
Bailli Provincial