Indonesia - Lilian Khaw
Bailli Provincial of Jakarta
The magazine 'NOW! Jakarta' had the pleasure of interviewing Lilian Khaw

Lilian currently owns a jewellery boutique and most importantly she is a mother of one daughter and a champion equestrian dividing her time between Jakarta and Penang. She has a passion for champagne and sports including riding, skiing, diving, hiking, fishing and dragon boat racing!

NJ    Why are you involved in the Chaîne?

LK    I'm happy to see other people happy! When I see both the hosts and the guests are happy then I am satisfied and I feel we have succeeded. Of course I am well supported by my Council especially Fabrice Mini, Linda Tan, Raj Kannan, Sita Satar, Gary Palm and Deisy Wong. I am also delighted when our charity evenings raise money. For instance at the Chapitre in 2012 we raised enough money to start supporting two orphanages. We have donated 5,000,000 Indonesian Rupiah (circa US$400) worth of food per month to each of them since then.

NJ    Do you have a background in Food and Beverage?

LK    I used to work with Singapore Airlines checking their service and presentation but mostly I follow my palate, if something tastes good I like it. I don't follow opinions of others. I have a passion for perfection, at work, with my clothes and my knowledge of food is a passion too.

NJ    What do you want to do with the Chaîne in Jakarta?

LK    I want to grow the numbers of members but also try to keep the membership focused on our goals of excellent food, perfection in service and great fellowship. We have 80 members now and I think we can grow from there.

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