Norway 50th Anniversary Grand Chapitre
Sandefjord, August 17-19, 2018
Celebrating 50 glorious years
" A magnificent Gala Dinner followed in the splendid Banquet Hall of the Scandic Park Hotel "

On arrival in Sandefjord everyone received a special 50th anniversary book* to celebrate this milestone Grand Chapitre.

Located in the heart of Vestfold, Sandefjord is known as the great whaling city from 1850 until 1960. The history of whaling is captured in the museum and the restored "Southern Actor" whaling ship located at the Museum Pier.

Just outside Sandefjord, on the site of “Heimdal”, there was a Viking city. “Gogstad Barrow” is a reminder that the famous “Gogstad Viking Vessel” discovered in 1880 was the burial place of a minor 9th century king. An iconic historic location for our anniversary celebrations.

Friday's "Get Together" at Restaurant Magazine had a Vikings theme with food and beverages prepared in the spirit of the Norse seafarers.

Saturday’s programme commenced with a lunch at the Scandic Park Hotel entitled "Anno 1968-2018". Chef Edgar Ludl, with Chef colleagues present 50 years ago, created an anniversary menu following the development of Norwegian gastronomy from 1960 up to today.

Chef Ludl is one of the central chefs who was creating the food 50 years ago. He took first place at the Chef Olympics 1972 and Norway’s "Chef of the Year" 1980.

Later in the day, Jørgen Krenk, Member of the Conseil Magistral from Denmark, officiated at the Induction Ceremony. A magnificent Gala Dinner followed in the splendid Banquet Hall of the Scandic Park Hotel with 237 guests around the beautiful tables.

The first Gala Dinner was held here in 1969 with the Scandic Park Hotel having been excellent hosts since 1959. Built by the ship-owner Anders Jahre, the hotel has always put food and drink in the front seat with very high standards. Guest chefs from well-known European restaurants in Europe are regular visitors.

During the dinner, Norway’s Bailli Délégué Thore Sande presented a well-deserved Gold Award to Bailli Délégué Honoraire Rolf Brænd for his work performed during recent years for the Chaîne both nationally and internationally.

On the Sunday, a perfect lunch in the Commander Residence at the “Frederiksvern Fortress”, founded in 1750 named after King Frederick V was the perfect end to an exceptional 50th Anniversary Grand Chapitre.

Erling Riisnæs
Chargé de Presse

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