Slovenia Lunch
Otocec, August 25, 2018
A real art of delights!

Who attacks the Island Castle
does not receive the Chaîne prize,
only sparkling sound is to announce,
the fellow heroes gathered there!

Perhaps you are wondering why the lunch report at Otocec Castle has such a title. It is connected to the menu’s interpretation which relates to the castle’s history and alleged attacks.

Otocec Castle is a hotel on a small island in the middle of the River Krka. At the reception in the castle’s wine shop in one of the defence towers, sparkling wine was accompanied by excellent bacon, beef prosciutto, salami with warm bread and cheese. Our sense of anticipation reach its zenith when we adjourned to the castle’s dining room for the delights to come.


Venison tartare
Parmesan, green mushrooms, red onion marmalade
marinated shallot, apple vinegar, red beets
mayonnaise with olive oil
Sturm chardonnay 2017 - Bela krajina region

Fennel soup with yogurt
fried smoked trout in dough
Sturm chardonnay 2017 - Bela krajina region

Royal crab meat, ginger, mayonnaise
Jakoncic Carolina White 2013 - Brda region

Baked beef steak
potatoes in three versions, reduced wine sauce
Marjan Simcic Pinot Noir 2015 - Brda region

Mature sheep’s cheese with plum jam

Charlotte with lavender
blackberries, figs and fig ice cream
Kovacic Traminec 2015 ‘Dry strawberry selection’
Bizeljsko-Sremic region

All the courses are worthy of mention. A highlight was the excellent venison tartare with rounding flavours of Parmesan, red onion marmalade, marinated shallot. The dish was almost sweet and perfectly combined with the fine flavours of the Sturm Chardonnay.

The delicate fennel soup which followed came with a floating small slice of bread spread with smoked trout and its roe. The cheese with plum jam accompaniment was an “overture” to the dessert which was modestly sweet and very light in structure. The lunch ended with an excellent dessert tonic sorbet and coffee.

Chef Nejc Ban and his team prepared for us much more than just different dishes. We were delighted with a range of flavours - a real art of delights!

Prof Dr Janez Bogataj
Conseiller Gastronomique