Slovenia Dinner
Dvorec Zemono, September 14, 2018
Contemporary, but always local!
" Pleasant early autumn temperatures made dining outdoors possible "

Officier Maître Restaurateur Tomaz Kavcic hosted us for the eleventh time at his Gostilna Pri Lojzetu on the outskirts of the town of Vipava.

The chateau housing the restaurant in the cellar was built in the Renaissance style in the 17th century. Its appearance is of a villa based on Venetian construction principles of that period. It was used as a holiday residence and a hunting lodge. The wall paintings on the ground floor have been restored and the cellar boasts some interesting vaulting.

Pleasant early autumn temperatures made dining outdoors possible; first on the terrace and then under the arcade the length of building.

All the food was prepared as a contemporary interpretation of Vipava region dishes. On arrival, fig ice cream was followed by pressed Adriatic shrimps which were accompanied by basil cream and fresh porcini. Delicate sardine sandwiches were stuck on a metal “tree” - very imaginative! Crackers with goat pâté and eggs with truffles were very tasty. All the while we were drinking a house Blauburgunder rosé.


Three kinds of house bread
horseradish spreads

“Tomato trilogy”
creamed, concasse, sun-dried

Homemade black ravioli
filled with Vipava trout and selected vegetables
topped with creamed cod
Jamsek Prepih 2015 (magnums)

Calamari with polenta and plankton
Vipava 1894 Lanthieri Malvasia 2017

“Sandwich without bread”
Slice of unsmoked dried salami set on curd
garnished with Vipava vegetables
Sutor White 2013

Boneless Mangalica ham
boiled for seven hours at low temperature
served on steamed bread
Fedora Chardonnay 2015

Beefsteak cooked for 13 hours at 74 degrees
locally-grown sweetcorn, bacon
Bizjak Merlot ‘Reserva’ 2015

Chocolate dome
autumnal ice cream, walnut cream

As you will see from the photograph, the tomato was decoratively combed on to the plate. The ravioli was excellent as the first hot course. The calamari in the next hot dish was cooked slowly for four to five hours.

In fact all the tastes presented to us were sublime. Charismatic chef Tomaz certainly knows how to combine ingredients and especially how to present his creations in an eye-catching manner. After such a fine evening of perfection Kavcic's gin … with some tonic added was the only possible conclusion.

Prof Dr Janez Bogataj
Conseiller Gastronomique