New Zealand Chapitre
Wellington, September 7-8, 2018
Gala occasion at the Sofitel Wellington

At the Sofitel Wellington on Saturday, September 8, the National Bailliage celebrated the induction of new members and the promotion of existing members thus growing and strengthening its membership.

It was an honour to have Norm Harrison, Member of the Conseil Magistral from Australia, as the Inducting Officer for this important occasion. Accompanying Norm was his lovely wife, Serena, who is Bailli of South Australia. We were delighted to host them both once again in New Zealand.

The dinner that followed the ceremony was superbly led by Executive Chef Roy Giamas. Roy has successfully carved his way through Wellington’s gastronomic scene over the last eight years and delivered on his promise to bring a vibrant diversity of culinary influences to our dining experience. The food of course was only half of the evening with the service provided by the front of house team being equally as good.

Those present were treated to a five-course menu with accompanying wines offering a wide range of flavours. Highlights from the evening were a rich and delectable chicken velouté served with moist and succulent sweetbreads. The wine favourite had to be the last wine of the evening, a 2017 Johner Estate Noble Pinot Noir from the Wairarapa.

On the Friday evening the Welcoming Dinner was held at Shed 5 situated on Wellington’s Queens Wharf. The restaurant’s water’s edge position and in-house fishmonger contribute to its standing as the city’s premier seafood restaurant.

As always the culture of the table was evident throughout the events. Chaîne members and their guests enjoyed renewing old friendships and creating new ones.

We are all looking forward to the next opportunity to share in each other’s company.

Vive la Chaine!

Ian Pharoah
Bailli Délégué