China Dinner
Shanghai, September 8, 2018
Exquisite style of Chinese food
" everything was meticulously planned and executed gaining unanimous praise "

Have you ever had an outstanding dinner in a museum? Used an 800 years old antique fire pot as a Champagne ice bucket? Dined amongst genuine antiques worth millions of Chinese Renminbi?

On September 8th, 34 members and guests in Shanghai did just that!

A gourmet feast was held at Lingyan Shan Fang, a well-known antique furniture museum. It was the first concrete building in China thus a milestone for modern buildings.

A Jiangnan (Ed. an old acronym for the cultural, material-rich south eastern China region) gourmet feast was served in contemporary banquet style. Dining in such an environment surrounded by antiques, allowed us to feel we were going back in time and space to ancient times.

High level Huaiyang cuisine from south eastern China combined with dishes from the Ming Dynasty’s Jiangnan period and modern-day Shanghai.

Lingyan Shan Fang normally serves only 10 people in an evening. Owner James Zhou worked extremely hard together with Chef Ge (former Executive Chef at the National Banquet Hall) to enable our party to enjoy this experience.

We were welcomed with Champagne Pommery Springtime Rose NV and a feast of Chinese canapés.


Wine-marinated three treasures
Chilled marinated foie gras
Hand-shredded salt-baked chicken
Smoked pomfret fish with five spices
Braised duck, soya, tangerine sauce
Abalone mushroom salad chive oil
Lily pumpkin
Drunken June hairy crab
Chablis 2016 - Patriarche Père & Fils

Hot dishes
Twin scallop in minced chicken potage
Stir-fried hand-peeled river shrimp
Dong Bo style, asparagus, fresh lily
Braised Sapporo sea cucumber, truffle sauce
Fish maw stewed with crab meat
“Lion Head Ball” - meat soup Yangzhou style
Cod fish barbeque style
Amaranthus, Tianshan pear
Clos Des Centenaires Vieilles Vignes Red 2015
20 years vintage hand-crafted Shaoxing Wine

Dim Sum
Puff pastry crab shell style
Sweet red date puff pastry
Porcini mushroom soup, ginseng, red dates

From preparation to the service everything was meticulously planned and executed gaining unanimous praise. Every dish was excellent with the Lion Head Ball with being especially memorable!

Special thanks were given to James Zhou, owner of both museum and restaurant and Chef Ge, a culinary master who prepared our literati feast from the aesthetic standards of Jiangnan literati life.

It was a fantastic event, one which will be forever in our memories.

Juno Wang