Malaysia Dinner
Bailliage of Kuching
Kuching, August 19, 2018
The Chaîne does 'Moulin Rouge'
" Unanimous agreement was that the menu elevated the level of cuisine in Kuching "

On arrival at Hilton Kuching 38 diners and imbibers were escorted to the Governor Suite on 13th Penthouse level. We witnessed a stunning sunset over the River Sarawak complemented by Joseph Drouhin Chablis ‘Domaine de Vaudon’ and exquisite pre-dinner canapés:
- freshly shucked Pulau Balik oysters, chiselled citrus, tabasco
- potted salmon, dill, warm Lescure salted butter crostini

The evening’s theme was ‘Moulin Rouge’. The hotel’s Steakhouse Restaurant was transformed from its traditional wood and mirror finishes. Burgundy material flowed from the ceiling and covered windows. Light features detailed bursts of light. Signature table centrepieces complete with candles added to the overall effect. Guests were entranced thoroughly enjoying the spectacular display.


Freshly-made ‘Boudin Rouge’ sausages
(veal and chicken farce infused with red wine and seasoning
 then poached in red wine to obtain a rich red colour)
petit shimeji mushrooms, mushroom custard, green pea purée
Corbières (Blanc), Château Glenum 2013

three variations served on a pillow of smoke
Corbières (Blanc), Château Glenum 2013

Sematan rock lobster bisque
Cognac, cream, coriander sprouts
Joseph Drouhin Laforet Pinot Noir 2014 - Burgundy

Tournedos Rossini
seared foie gras, galette potatoes, sauce Périgueux
Corbières, Château Glenum 2013

Tarte aux pommes
freshly-churned vanilla bean and Bourbon ice cream

Fresh coffee / Tea infusions

A variety of techniques was employed to maximise taste and texture. Menu highlights: the made-in-house sausages; the crowd-pleaser hamachi with a long needle (presented in an oversized pin cushion) to prick the pillow engulfing the diner in gentle oak wood smoke accentuating the fish’s flavours; delicious, full-bodied, without being overwhelmingly rich, traditional bisque; classic Tournedos with truffle-laden sauce Périgueux; decadent finish with a modern take on a classic French dessert.

Wines complemented each dish perfectly. Unanimous agreement was that the menu elevated the level of cuisine in Kuching. Luxurious preparations ensured each dish was executed with finesse and balanced flavours.

Everyone commented on a memorable evening evidenced by the increasing skill level demonstrated by the culinary team. The Hilton Kuching certainly delivered an up-market experience from our arrival to the very last moment.

Hamish Watts
Maître Hôtelier