Switzerland Autumn Grand Chapitre
Fribourg, August 31 - September 2, 2018
Delicious - delightful - outstanding!

The National Bailliage’s Autumn Grand Chapitre was organized by the Bailliage of Fribourg.

Fribourg is the capital of the Swiss canton of Fribourg and the district La Sarine. It is located on both sides of the River Saane/Sarine, on the Swiss Plateau, and is a major economic, administrative and educational centre on the cultural border between German and French Switzerland (Romandy). Its Old City, one of the best-maintained in Switzerland, sits on a small rocky hill above the valley of the Sarine.

The three-day event was a great success. This conclusion is not only the opinion of the organizers, but reflects the opinion of the many “thank yous” and positive feedback which we received during the event.

The weather was pleasant and the participants not only had the opportunity to enjoy delicious gastronomic dishes in a delightful setting but also to discover - or rediscover - different places in our beautiful canton and enjoy the panorama.

All the Chefs displayed their outstanding talent and know-how through the exceptional gastronomic menus typical of the Fribourg region.

We very much appreciated their investment at its true value by expressing our sincere thanks.

Frédéric Gaillard, Bailli
Gabriele Wittlin, Vice-Chargée de Presse
Bailliage of Fribourg