Hong Kong Dinner
October 23, 2018
Japanese Imperial Cuisine
" Each masterfully-created dish was a work of art "

Extraordinary! A superb ‘one of a kind’ journey through the history of Japanese Kyoto gastronomy, designed and created by Chaîne member Master Chef Imai, was relished at Fumi Japanese Restaurant.

The origins of Japanese cuisine began with offering ambrosia to the gods. This developed into Imperial Cuisine, later merging with Sumari culture thus creating Honzen Ryori the formal Japanese style meal. From this, various distinct localised cuisines developed. Among them was Kyoto.

At our October event members and guests were taken back in time with a gastronomic commemoration of the Imperial Court’s golden age from 1,300 years ago to the present.


‘The beginning of Japanese cuisine’
From Kuwana in Mie Prefecture
Clam soup with rice, scent of tree buds, Mitsuba leaves
Sake: Daimon x Fumi 35 Junmai Daiginjo Osaka

‘The blessing of the sea’
From Toba in Mie Prefecture
Ransu Kombu sandwiched Japanese spiny lobster
From Wakasa in Fukui Prefecture
Straw smoked chub mackerel
From Sumoto in Hyogo Prefecture
Red sea bream
From Nachikatsuura in Wakayama Prefecture
Bluefin tuna toro
Sake: Dassai 50 Junmai Daiginjo Ymaguchi

‘The Encounter’
From Sumoto in Hyogo Prefecture
Boiled conger eel, caviar limes, caviar

From Wakasa in Fukui Prefecture
Steamed tilefish, mushroom
From Shima in Mie Prefecture
Yaya oysters, cappuccino style
From Awaji in Hyogo Prefecture
Softly simmered octopus
Sake: Tatenokawa 33 Junmai Daiginjo Yamagata

‘1875 Civilisation and Enlightenment’
Miyazaki beef sirloin, beef hot-pot style, red miso sauce
Japanese-style poached egg, Chinese cabbage
Sake: Daishichi Kimoto Junmai Fukushima

‘Japanese and Western’
From Akkeshi in Hokkaido Prefecture
Special pot-steamed cultivated rice ‘Milky Queen’*
Hokkaido sea urchin topping, black truffles
Sake: Daimon x Fumi 55 Junmai Daiginjo Osaka

‘Pear Picking’
From Haga in Tochigi Prefecture
‘Smiley Pear’ served four ways
fresh, compote, jelly, sorbet

‘The Mountain Village in the Fall’
From Kyotanba in Kyoto Prefecture
Kyotanba chestnut Mont Blanc

Each masterfully-created dish was a work of art employing ingredients especially sourced and flown in from Japan for this dinner. Offerings were skilfully complemented with very special sakes.

Truly a Chaîne experience that was savoured at the time and in memories since.

Steven Kahn
Bailli Délégué

* ‘Milky Queen’ rice from Kurosawa Farm in Yamagata