Klaus Tritschler
Member of the Conseil d'Administration
Appointed to develop new national Bailliages
" Klaus has a long tradition within the Confrérie "

In 2012, President Yam Atallah, in the course of rejuvenating the Chaîne by implementing modern ideas, asked Klaus Tritschler to act as Director of International Communications.

Developing this role further, Klaus is now Chair of the New Bailliage Development Committee.

Currently a Member of the Conseil d’Administration, a Member of the Conseil Magistral, and Bailli Délégué of Germany, Klaus has a long tradition within the Confrérie having been inducted as a Chevalier in 1985 by Jean Valby, one of the five founding fathers of the modern day Chaîne.

Klaus progressed from Chevalier to Officier then Vice-Chancelier/Argentier before becoming a Bailli in 1997. Two years later he was appointed Chancelier of the Bailliage of Germany which ultimately led to him becoming Bailli Délégué in January 2011. Since his promotion to lead the National Bailliage, Klaus has developed the skills and experience to solve problems and answer questions.

Besides his National responsibilities, Klaus was a member of the International Jeunes Chefs Rôtisseurs Competition Committee but stood down this year in order to fulfil the Bailliage Development role. He nevertheless continues to take an active part in organising the Jeunes Sommeliers Competition as a member of that committee.

This involvement at international level has made him known and respected throughout the worldwide family of the Chaine. Furthermore, Klaus speaks several languages which is an important asset for communication.

For these reasons President Yam Atallah judged Klaus capable of acting as the point of contact to provide help and support for those interested in bringing a new country into the Chaîne fold.

To contact Klaus regarding developing a new National Bailliage – or for any other matter – please send an e-mail to: k.tritschler@chaine.de

Marie Jones
Managing Editor