Kuwait Chapitre
Kuwait City, December 8, 2018
'Best of France' theme at the Crowne Plaza

The Bailliage had a most magnificent Induction Ceremony and Gala Dinner at the Crowne Plaza Hotel. We remembered a Chapitre held in 1988 at the same hotel themed “Best of Germany”. Thirty years later we celebrated the “Best of France”.

Our Inducting Officer was Norbert Simon, Member of the Conseil d’Administration, who had come especially from Austria as the representative of President Atallah to induct and promote 34 members. Norbert welcomed them to sharing our passion for the culinary art. The newly-granted Silver Commandeur awarded to many showed the loyalty of our long-standing members.

Hotel Manager Antoine Flouty and his executive team coordinated the evening together with Michelin starred Chef Julien Marseault of Château de Sable in Brittany, France, who also had flown in especially for the event.

Chef Marseault’s presented a delicious and innovative dinner, very flavourful, using special techniques and even ancient ways of cooking, as in the dish “Stone Age cabbage”.


Amuse bouche
Light mousse of basmati rice, oyster ‘part ar coum’, ginger

Scallops, coloured cauliflower, Oscietre caviar

‘Stone Age’ cabbage perfumed with truffle

Fillet of John Dory with walnut crust
variation of Jerusalem artichokes

Slowly-cooked rump of veal
potatoes, shallot condiment

Earl Grey, bergamot, vegetable charcoal

Mango blancmange, passion fruit sorbet
coconut snow, caramelised avocado

The design of the menu card was just as artistic and eye-catching as was the banqueting room set-up. Another experience in itself, as we were seated at semi-circular tables filled with plants on theatre style terraces made exclusively for this Gala dinner. Furthermore, we were surrounded by video screens featuring France thus placing us in a perfectly French ambiance.

The final surprise was the opera singer and his accompanying musicians who amazed us with famous songs to complete this amicable evening and unforgettable dinner.

Vive la Chaîne!

Soumaya El Azem
Chargé de Missions