Côte d'Ivoire - Serge Roux
Member of the Conseil Magistral & Bailli Délégué
A Notary by profession

The Chaîne established its Bailliage of Côte d’Ivoire in the 1970s. Political unrest, including civil war, since the turn of the century has taken its toll on membership.

However, with the support of the International Headquarters, the determination of the National officers and the input of a new generation of members, this proud Bailliage is being rebuilt.

Benoît Fragnière, Member of the Conseil d’Administration, is credited with the revival of the Chaîne in Côte d’Ivoire. Delegated by the President, Yam Atallah, to attend national Induction Ceremonies, Benoît has provided guidance, advice, and has helped to rebuild confidence and restore the greatness of the Bailliage.

The Bailliage has lost some of its more influential members who may have been able to ensure continuity (including Gilles Salomez and Sidibé Daouda), but the next generation of members is stepping up to fill the void they have left and are equally devoted to the Chaîne’s revival.

Included among the famous names of the current culinary scene in Côte d’Ivoire is Maître Rôtisseur Christine Dadié, from the Banian restaurant, who is also in charge of catering at the Presidential palace.

During the 2018 International Grand Chapitre in Paris, Fouad Joher was inducted as the new Chancelier. With the guidance of the experienced Bailli Délégué Serge Roux, and the support of the Secretary-General Philippe Desgeorges, Fouad is committed to tackling all the challenges that the Bailliage now faces to achieve its goals.

About Côte d’Ivoire

Côte d’Ivoire is a small country in West Africa with a population in 2018 estimated at almost 25 million people, spread over an area of 322,462km2.

It is rich in mining resources, such as gold, oil, diamonds and iron; it is the world’s largest producer of cocoa and cashew nuts; it is home to the Taï National Park, which is described as one of the few primeval forests left on the planet; and its wildlife reserves are being redeveloped and include elephants, hippos, buffaloes, zebra duikers, bats, hartebeests and yellow-casqued hornbills.

Bailli Délégué Serge Roux

Maître Roux was honoured to be inducted as the Bailliage’s third Bailli Délégué by the late Robert Baty. A Notary by profession, he is described as a sociable and easy-going person whose character epitomises the perfect balance between strength and sensitivity.

For over 20 years Serge has shared the major events of his clients’ lives - good and bad - as a trusted advisor.

Although he loves his work, he also lives a full personal life, with four children, six grandchildren and many godchildren. When he isn’t travelling on business he spends all his weekends in the country at his house in Abatta or Jacquesvilles, with his family, filling his days with gardening, hunting, flying, watching movies and cooking.

A word of caution though, don’t be fooled by the impression that his head is in the clouds much of the time, because Serge Roux misses nothing and does not hesitate to speak up for what he believes is both just and fair.

Amanda Roberts
Editor, Revue internationale de la Chaîne