Slovenia Dinner
Ljubljana, January 30, 2019
A new dimension of thinking about food and cooking
" Culinary experiences at Monstera are complemented by a selection of ecological wines "

This was the third dinner held at Bistro Monstera located in the centre of Ljubljana, just a few steps away from Congress Square.

The dining room with its white brick walls and light woods leans towards informality. The décor and food are a concept of star TV chef Bine Volcic, Maître Restaurateur, who says that he always wanted to open a bistro where guests could casually enjoy his culinary creations.

With Bistro Monstera his dreams have become reality - like the monstera plant that he has known since childhood. Bine reminisces that he played with his toys under the one at home, ran around one at primary school, has seen them in public offices and now has one in his own home and of course in bistro which is named after it! With its delicious edible fruit he says that it also inspires him in the kitchen.

For the Bailliage’s dinner at the end of January, Chef Bine was certainly inspired.

Firstly, at the reception, amuses bouches were partnered with Bailly Lapierre Pinot Noir Brut 2014 before dinner was served.


Red trout
creamed parsnip, Granny Smith, olive oil
Guerilla Zelen 2017 “Eco”

Thin slices of marinated venison
forest fruits, cauliflower, juniper-flavoured mayonnaise
Keber Collio Bianco 2016

Piedmont agnolotto
filled with cream cheese, chives and walnuts
Korenika Moskon Tris 2017 “Eco”

Baked polenta with Jerusalem artichoke cream
Burja Bela 2017 “Eco”

Fine diced beef from the ribs and oxtail
carrot cream, bacon, buttermilk
Gordia Rdece 2015 “Eco”

Mandarin sorbet

Twice-baked French chocolate biscuit
marzipan, yogurt foam, hazelnut ice cream
roasted pistachio cream


Culinary experiences at Monstera are complemented by a selection of ecological wines, Monstera craft beer, homemade pure fruit juices and syrups, and Ljubljana's still and sparkling water. For this dinner four out of the five wines partnered with the courses were “Eco” labelled.

Besides this environmentally-friendly approach, Bistro Monstera follows a “zero-waste kitchen” policy which certainly offered the members and their guests a new dimension of thinking about food and cooking.

Photos courtesy of Grand Officier Tomaz Dular