Liechtenstein Grand Chapitre 2019
Vaduz, August 15-17, 2019
The Principality marks its 300th anniversary
" A warm welcome awaits you in our microstate located at the heart of Europe "

This year the Principality of Liechtenstein is celebrating its 300th anniversary with a range of events. Visitors are invited to discover and explore in person its history as well as the stunning natural scenery.

We, the National Bailliage, are no exception in encouraging members and their guests to come and participate in our Grand Chapitre which will take place in and around Vaduz, the country’s capital, from August 15-17.

A programme full of cultural interest and of course fine dining has been conceived.

Wednesday, August 14
A complimentary “Pre-Chapitre Tasting” in the evening at the Mövenpick winery

Thursday, August 15
Opening party at 8pm in the garden of the Bailli Délégué’s home - with fireworks celebrating the 300th anniversary of the Principality
Friday, August 16
Choice of four different tours through Liechtenstein
Saturday, August 17
11am: Induction Ceremony in Gutenberg Castle, Balzers - or in case of bad weather in the Princely Winery

2.30pm: Short visit of Vaduz including … the government building and the Parliament, the “300 Years of the Principality of Liechtenstein” exhibition, and the Crown Jewels
Drinks will be served at the Tourist Centre
Anticipated conclusion at 4.15pm

6.30pm: Anniversary Gala Dinner with entertainment and dancing

Full details regarding the event are available in German and English on the Bailliage’s website

Your hotel accommodation can be booked already. Please click this link for the full list: hotels (Ed. It is broadly in German but readily understood I believe)

A warm welcome awaits you in our microstate located at the heart of Europe between Switzerland and Austria. We are very much looking forward to your participation in our special event this year celebrating the country’s 300 years of existence.

Best regards
Daniel Jäggi
Bailli Délégué