Australia World Chaîne Day
Bailliage of Western Australia
Perth, April 12, 2019
How lucky we are!
" we toasted this special day with the lights of the city brightening as the sunset to the west faded "

Kings Park, one of the largest city parks in the world and renowned in Perth as the perfect vantage point to observe our beautiful city, was the perfect venue to commence our World Chaîne Day celebrations. With champagne at the ready, we toasted this special day with the lights of the city brightening as the sunset to the west faded.

Our celebration dinner was at the Celtic Club in West Perth. A businessmen’s club it was established over a hundred years ago and is now based in a wonderfully restored heritage home.

We arrived at the Club via a beautifully restored tram which provided the salubrious conveyance for guests in their finery. In the previous century, trams were the main means of public transport in Perth.

The night commenced with a superb toast which totally embraced Chaîne values from newly appointed committee member, Hugh Stowell. Members were so impressed with the eloquent toast that the Committee of the Bailliage came to the view it should be shared. Here it is in its entirety.

How Lucky am I

Of Viking heritage from Norway, I was born on the Isle of Man.
I stand before you immodestly in clothes made in Italy in a Celtic Club in Perth, one of the remotest and most beautiful cities in the world.

And do so sharing a global celebration of an association that can trace its origins to the King of France in 1248 by eating a degustation menu of food that has its origins in India with Australian wines.

How Lucky am I, How Lucky are we.

For tonight we are one of the links in the chain celebrating World Chaîne Day.

Bailli Thurston Saulsman introduced Chef Dinesh Chandra who hails from Uttrakhand in Northern India to explain the first three courses. Vice-Échanson Chris Braine introduced the carefully paired wines chosen from the Great Southern region of Western Australia.

As a precursor we enjoyed Pani Puri Shot amuse bouche complemented by glasses of Frankland Estate Chardonnay 2016.

The Thali main course (a traditional Indian selection of dishes served on individual platters) was ably described by one of our guests whose family has Indian origins and who also wore a spectacular traditional sari for the evening. She pointed out that this dish has a particularly poignant history as the food of choice for the high cast Brahman people although they would have eaten the vegetarian version.

Before closing the evening, Bailli Thurston called on Chef Dinesh, as well as the kitchen and service brigades, who were all applauded with a standing ovation for their contribution to a superb evening.

Vive la Chaîne!

Sande Saulsman