Finland Jeunes Chefs Rôtisseurs
Tampere, February 2, 2019
New culinary talent Niko Tähti was the clear winner

Five young professionals under the age of 27 competed against each other in Tampere by preparing three-course meals in the Bailliage’s National Final of the Jeunes Chefs Rôtisseurs Competition.

The judges assessed the competitors by awarding points based on their work in the kitchen and the taste of the dishes. The winner Niko Tähti’s technique and flavours were outstanding with exceptional skills in terms of filleting, technical aspects, efficiency and hygiene. Sami Hakamäki was Runner-up and Emmi Lavanne was in Third Place.

For the starter, the participants were required to prepare a fresh, opened rainbow trout using two different cooking methods. Duck breast was the ingredient for the main course and pineapple for the dessert. A basket full of different ingredients was also available to the competitors to prepare side dishes of their own choosing.

Conseiller Culinaire Martti Lehtinen who acted as Competition Director said, “The level of this competition indicates that the international competition should go well for us in September. All competitors worked in a clean, efficient and consistent manner. Their use of the ingredients was professional, which was evident from the right cooking times and excellent flavours. They prepared good side dishes from the available ingredients. However, these young professionals still need more practice, especially in food presentation and creativity, to reach the top three in an international competition. These aspects can be improved by systematic practice.”

The young talents came from different parts of Finland. It is encouraging that new promising chefs are found across the country. Niko Tähti, the winner, works at the Lapland Hotel Olos Muonio. Runner-up Sami Hakamäki works for Restaurant Juuri in Seinäjoki, while Emmi Lavanne works in Ravintola Rusticheria Stella in Valkeakoski.

Finnish chefs have won two international championships.  Arto Rastas won in 2005 and four years after that it was Lasse Koistinen’s turn. Laura Virolainen was Runner-up in 2015 and Emmiina Lehtonen won an international Bronze Medal in 2018.

Now the 2019 winner, Niko Tähti, will compete on the international stage against the Chaîne world’s best young chefs in Calgary, Canada, in September. We wish him well!

Martti Lehtinen
Conseiller Culinaire