Finland World Chaîne Day
April 13, 2019
A celebration of Finnish cuisine
" we certainly demonstrated how World Chaîne Day is celebrated in its country of origin "

This year World Chaîne Day (WCD) was held for the fifth time and celebrated all over the world. The purpose of special day in the Chaîne’s calendar is to highlight top quality cuisine and inform people about the association’s activities. To this end various events were organised across Finland including food tastings and dinner discounts.

In the city of Lahti, local high-class restaurants, chefs and producers arranged food tastings for reduced prices. In Seinätori Square, the Chaîne and the Finnish Chef Association set up a barbecue together.

In Helsinki, a food truck in Mauno Koivisto Square offered climate-friendly treats made of Finnish ingredients.

To celebrate WCD in Karelia, the local Bailliage and branch of the Finnish Chef Association invented a new delicacy called “Tapuska”.

The participants in Tampere had the opportunity to learn about the union of food and wine and a great deal of other things as well!

Tastings and discounts were offered at Chaîne member restaurants and shops across Finland.

We asked that our Professional members wear their ribbons at work during World Chaîne Day and our Non-professional members to wear their ribbons when attending the events.

Atria was the main sponsor of the events organised by the Chaîne and the Finnish Chef Association.

We held a competition where people had the chance to win a 200 euro gift card by sharing a related message or photo on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. Participants could also take part in the international photo competition by tagging their photos on social media. This year’s special theme was the creative use of the Chaîne logo.

All in all we certainly demonstrated how World Chaîne Day is celebrated in its country of origin.

Taina Vilkuna
Chargée de Presse


1. Bailliage of Lahti
2. Bailliage of Lahti
3. Bailliage of Turku
4. Bailliage of Turku