Sweden Chapitre
Jokkmokk, March 22-23, 2019
Above the Arctic Circle - always something to remember
" this Arctic Chapitre was a truly great experience "

The small town of Jokkmokk is located just above the Arctic Circle. Apart from being an important centre for Northern Sámi culture it is also the home of some Chaîne members. A visit was called for and why not also a Chapitre? To be honest it has been done before but there is always room for another one. A Chapitre on or just above the Arctic Circle is always something to remember!

Having embarked 50 members on a special Chaîne coach the three-hour trip from Lulea Airport by the Baltic coast towards inland Jokkmokk began. Our first stop was in Harads where a visit to the famous Tree Hotel and its restaurant was a must! After a fantastic lunch we had the pleasure of confirming Executive Chef Sebastian Gröndahl as a Maître Rôtisseur member of the Chaîne.

The first dinner after our arrival in Jokkmokk was at the Ajtte Museum, the centre for the Sámi culture as well as the flora and fauna of the Swedish mountains - the “Fjäll”. On the menu was one of the local fish specials, Arctic char.

Next day the group was split in two. One half stayed in Jokkmokk. The rest went on an excursion to the Arctic Circle. In the programme were ice fishing, snow-mobile driving, lunch and of course “Arctic Circle jumping”. The latter is a ceremony including officially jumping over the Circle resulting in the presentation of a special diploma.

The Induction Ceremony was conducted at Bio Norden, an old almost intact cinema dating from 1939. The venue reminded us of the old times in a small town such as Jokkmokk. We were treated with a movie from the 1950’s.

A parade of local food and drinks our Gala Dinner was in all aspects an excellent performance. The principal theme of the menu was reindeer, the highlight for us as Rôtisseurs being a whole grilled reindeer presented to us all at the tables.

During the dinner we also had the pleasure of enjoying some local Sami singing – “jojk”. Adding all fantastic food, drinks and other details this Arctic Chapitre was a truly great experience.

Next time however we will move it forward in time by a few months as enjoying a summer Midnight Sun Chapitre would be wonderful. In fact the planning has already started!

Carl Wachtmeister
Bailli Délégué