China World Chaîne Day
Bailliage of Tianjin
Tianjin, April 13, 2019
Yozakura through to the Tianjin Eye
" Venerated Japanese Chefs Hashita and Kinase, together with Chef Yuke from China, had impeccably designed the menu "

On World Chaîne Day (WCD), Bailliage members and their guests came together to join thousands across the globe celebrate the spirit of the Chaîne. Yozakura was the theme of the dinner which literally means night viewing of cherry blossoms. It could not have been more fitting as this century-old tradition of Japan is all about grace and making people happy, much like the essence of WCD.

On arrival in the elegant lobby of the iconic Holiday Inn Riverside Hotel we were taken to the exclusive 26th floor where an elaborate champagne cocktail and Japanese-style hors d’oeuvres reception awaited us. The cheerful mood was filled with plenty of laughter and camaraderie, complemented by live music along with a panoramic view highlighted by the luminous Tianjin Eye - the symbol of the city.

Dinner was served one floor below at the reserved GEBA, the hotel’s famous Japanese restaurant. Venerated Japanese Chefs Hashita and Kinase, together with Chef Yuke from China, had impeccably designed the menu. Most ingredients like shari were sourced directly from Japan. The emphasis was on originality with minimum seasoning, as well as complementing sakés and beer.

Whilst each dish was in itself a form of showmanship and art interpreted through the senses of the chefs, many, such as sushi and tempura, were prepared right in front of us before serving to keep their freshness.


Squid / Watercress / Marinated Chinese kale / Seaweed
Salmon roe / Prawn with salsa

Steamed egg with turtle and sea urchin
Huang Ying Sake

Bluefin tuna Toro / Peony shrimp / Japanese caviar
Flatfish sashimi / Sea urchin and yam roll
Salmon and avocado roll / Octopus with basil

Lobster soup

Golden fish with wild chili / Black truffle
Japanese soba gluten with shichimi

Bamboo shoots / Brussels sprouts / Baby potato
Abalone with sake / Baby corn / Baby carrot
Sweet peas / Broad beans / Arugula
Seaweed / Shallot / Asparagus
Yu Nai Sake

Japanese Wagyu beef
Blue cheese / Pickled bamboo shoots with miso

Prawn tempura

Salmon / Snapper / Sea urchin / Bluefin tuna Toro
Goose liver / Japanese conger eel with cream cheese
Egg sushi

Vegetable bean curd soup

Assorted ice cream Kyoto style


Asahi draught beer
Dassai Sake

While the excellence of the food and wines began to etch themselves into our palates, the group descended to the hotel’s front entrance for a memorable photo in front of the Tianjin Eye.

Kudos to the hotel’s General Manager Jenny Cao, the Chefs, Food and Beverage Director Cindy Geng, and the entire service staff. Special thanks to our members Zhou Jingzhou and William Lin, who articulated and refined the programme along with Vice-Chancelier Domenico Palumbo and Vice-Chargée de Missions Kay Zhang.

Dr Michael Ho