Kuwait Dinner
Kuwait City, April 27, 2019
An outstandingly ingenious dinner with visual art
" White asparagus .. is known to be one of the Germans' most favourite vegetables "

We had a remarkable dinner at the residence of His Excellency Karlfried Bergner, Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany and Chaîne member, and his lovely wife Ulrike.

“Spargel” the German word for asparagus and “Bauhaus” the famous German art school that combined crafts, fine arts, and modern design in manufacturing were the two themes that starred throughout the evening.

White asparagus, also called edible ivory or white gold, is known to be one of the Germans’ most favourite vegetables. It can only be harvested when hand-picked from mid-April to the end of June.

Rich in aroma, soft and fine in texture, it’s a delicacy that the Regency Hotel’s General Manager, Chef and their teams introduced in a resourceful modern menu with Bauhaus reflections. They highlighted it with the use of colour and creativity. Green asparagus had a fair share in these culinary and eye pleasing arts.


Alsace duck foie gras
mini-brioche, grape jelly, fig confit
caramelized baby green asparagus

Marinated white asparagus
home-cured lamb loin, hummus
walnut glaze, salted egg yolk

Delicate asparagus essence
lobster medallion, spinach and ricotta tortellini

Arborio risotto
green asparagus, porcini mushrooms
Parmesan, grilled scallops, thyme

Asparagus and yoghurt sorbet

Stuffed veal filet mignon
grilled white asparagus, jumbo prawn
potato mousseline, spring vegetables
beetroot reduction

Bavarian cream with white asparagus
milk chocolate sabayon, French vanilla
ganache, honeycomb, assorted berries

The foie gras first course was presented like a still life painting. The surprise was the asparagus and yoghurt sorbet - what an unusual yet excellent palate cleanser. The stuffed veal was an innovative way of preparation. The amazing dessert was simply delicious.

Not only from achieving an outstandingly ingenious dinner with visual art in the Bauhaus style, the Bailliage was also most fortunate that its members and guests could enjoy the courses served under the stars in the garden of the Ambassador’s Residence.

Soumaya El-Azem
Chargée de Missions