Slovenia Dinner
Dolenjske Toplice, May 24, 2019
A beautiful evening at Ostarija
" Chef Gregorcic prepared an excellent dinner featuring modern interpretations of dishes "

What can be better than to spend a beautiful evening at the Hotel-Restaurant Ostarija in Dolenjske Toplice where a warm welcome is especially reserved for Bailliage members and guests by Chef/Owner Robert Gregorcic who is a Maître Restaurateur member of the Chaîne.

Following on from our lunch at Restaurant Cubr earlier in the month, this dinner was another outstanding Vodnik-inspired event - part of the Bailliage’s celebration this year of Valentin Vodnik and the 220th anniversary of the appearance of his cookbook in 1799.

After a reception outdoors in the courtyard, Chef Gregorcic prepared an excellent dinner featuring modern interpretations of dishes from Vodnik's book of recipes.


Vodnik recipe no 65
Roasted pate in a delicate crust
slightly spicy carrot puree, marinated asparagus
Sturm Kraljevina 2018

Vodnik recipe no 7
Salmon in a creamy nettle soup
Sturm Kraljevina 2018

Vodnik recipe no 15
Grilled raw cabbage
smoked ham, sour cream with nutmeg
Colnar Colis 2016

Vodnik recipe no 170
Redcurrant aspic
Colnar Colis 2016

Vodnik recipes nos 114 & 73
Smoked pork cheek
capers, peas, sardine sauce
Opara Modra Frankinja 2015

Vodnik recipe no 92
Raisin pudding
assorted fruits and sauces
Keltis Tawny 2011

Our dinner ended with a surprise. Patricia Knoll, wife of our photography member, Ales, baked a tarragon pot, which differed from the classic tarragon filling, using well-cooked cream and also curd. Both ingredients gave a suitable juiciness well-coordinated with the taste of tarragon.

And so another great evening was behind us. Members in Slovenia together with their guests have come to know how heritage can be an excellent starting point for a modern, innovative interpretation of food. Maître Restaurateur Robert Gregorcic and the team at Ostarija really did it well.

Prof Dr Janez Bogataj
Consellier Gastronomique

Photos courtesy of Ales Knoll, Chevalier