OMGD China Dinner
Bailliage of Shenzhen
Shenzhen, June 15, 2019
More than a touch of cognac
" Enjoying champagne, cocktails and canapes we were serenaded by the resident band "

The exclusive Shenzhen Bay Club hosted the Bailliage’s Ordre Mondial des Gourmets Dégustateurs (OMGD) group. It is Shenzhen’s first international private membership club located at the prestigious One Shenzhen Bay project.

Forty OMGD members and guests enjoyed tasting a variety of exceptional cognacs complemented by and perfectly married with a creative blend of Western and Chinese cuisine by Chef Xie Peisen, a “Top Honour Gold Prize” winner on Chinese Master Chef.

Enjoying champagne, cocktails and canapes we were serenaded by the resident band in the fifth floor lounge bar with its views of Shenzhen Bay, Hong Kong and the newly-opened Raffles Hotel.

Going down one floor to the ballroom for dinner saw superb decorations and chinaware providing great photo opportunities. Bailli Estella Pan opened the evening by welcoming everyone to what she was sure was going to be an outstanding occasion.

The taste journey began with a superb cognac skilfully matched with Hokkaido scallops and a Cognac XO-scented teriyaki sauce: subtle in flavour, perfectly balanced.

Next, braised fish maw soup was superb with the golden nectar that is Camus Extra. Comparing tastes before and after this special cognac was truly surprising. It added a depth and richness to the soup. All agreed that it should be included in every recipe for this Chinese traditional dish!

The chinois-marinated foie gras, a Canton province recipe, already has a unique taste but adding cognac and cherry tomato confit was a creative master stroke by Chef Xie.

From here the experience only got better!

The next taste sensations were a succession of French blue lobster with sea urchin and caviar, grouper with squid mousse and a delicate lychee sorbet palate cleanser.

Perfectly cooked M9 Wagyu beef over smouldering charcoal heightened our sense of taste as roasted garlic and charcoal aromas filled the room.

Organic okra with supreme soy sauce is often not a favourite. However, everyone was amazed at the freshness, crispness and balance of this dish.

Stewed South African abalone with cognac-flavoured abalone sauce was a sheer delight. A challenge for any chef to reproduce these recipes to this standard.

Cognac at minus 18 degrees Celsius poured over a dessert fiesta of chocolate, berries and cognac cream was a perfect conclusion.

Marrying cognac and international cuisine had been a simply divine experience! Acknowledging the success of the evening, Bailli Estella presented a Commemorative Plaque to Ms Guan, the Shenzhen Bay Club’s delighted General Manager.

More cognac and cigars (from a humidor with the Chaîne crest inlayed) were enjoyed in the lounge.

Excellent attention to detail and creativity resulted in a wonderful night!

Estella Pan