Brunei AGM Dinner
Bandar Seri Begawan, June 29, 2019
Imaginative fusion menu for the celebratory dinner
" excellent blending of flavours as well as some thoughtful presentation "

The Bailliage held its Annual General Meeting in the Lunar Lounge of the Brunei Hotel. The understated charm and service makes the Brunei Hotel an ideal choice for comfort and a memorable stay when in Brunei.

Following the meeting was a dinner with a specially-prepared fusion menu of international and Indonesian cuisine.


-- Amuse bouche --
Chicken murtabak, pickle, tahai paste
grilled pineapple

Satay lilit, coconut turmeric sauce
seared scallop, Asian salsa

Soto ayam, quail egg, peanut and kaffir crackers

Rambutan sorbet

Seared snapper, Balinese curry
savoury local brown rice, sayur lodeh
Asian barbecue lamb
Asian-style potato croquette, crispy vegetables

Pumpkin bruleé
assorted onde onde (yam and palm sugar)
pandan ice cream

Afterwards Bailli Délégué Andrew Caie said: “We capitalised on a predominantly Indonesian team working in the kitchens of the Brunei Hotel, giving them free rein to produce an imaginative fusion menu. The results were very pleasing with some excellent blending of flavours as well as some thoughtful presentation.”

Andrew Caie
Bailli Délégué