Canada Dinner
Bailliage of Alberta à Calgary
Calgary, June 23, 2019
Dreams indeed came true
" The evening stirred every sense from start to finish "

Chef Liana Robberecht (Maître Rôtisseur) Food and Beverage Director Jason McKay (Maître Restaurateur) and the WinSport team made dreams come true by creating a themed dinner of “The Storm - a journey from light to dark returning to light”.

The evening had a riparian theme with every course adorned with edible flowers. Outdoors moved indoors through any means possible right down to moss trailing from the dining room ceiling.

During light, refreshing canapés we were serenaded by a member of the Cowtown opera, guests singing along to Edelweiss.

Dinner was separated into five acts: “Calm before the Storm”, “Shelter”, “The Storm”, “Dew Drops and Rainbows”, finally “Awakening”.

The course paired with Shelter was a dragon fruit burrow filled with rabbit rillette. We were enthralled by the amount of time and patience taken to create each one.

Guests could feel a storm brewing, growing closer. The sound of rain increased. The projected river flowed faster and faster. Lighting flashed. Thunder rumbled. Rain danced around us. Guests clapped in enchantment as The Storm reached its climax. As it faded the main course was presented.

The Storm over, the next act followed. Dew Drops and Rainbows, a “forest floor” - a nutty, earthy Gruyère 1655, with roasted squash and apple gelée served on a wooden board with a “river” flowing through its centre.

After dessert came the “Awakening”. Returning to the reception rooms we were enchanted to discover stunning chocolate sculptures. Towers of desserts, chocolate caramel robin’s eggs in individual nests, fig leaf ice cream bars, and other tasty treats awaited us.

The evening stirred every sense from start to finish. Calm and relaxed, yet whilst The Storm rolled through one shivered with delight. Not a single detail was too small.

Departing from this dinner was as though awakening from a wonderful dream. More than a dinner, more than an event it was an experience!

The purpose of the evening was in the filming.

Chef Liana and her team with Jason McKay wanted to film the process of creating a gourmet full-service formal dinner. The video will show the planning from 12 months ago: preparation, cooking, plating, serving, dinner. Everything involved in making this amazing evening.  Once produced, the video will be entered in two Canadian film festivals after which it will be available to members of the Chaîne.

In recognition of their creation and execution of this project Maître Rôtisseur Liana and Maître Restaurateur Jason were presented with the Chaîne’s International Bronze Medal by Bailli Délégué David Tetrault and Bailli Toni-Marie Ion-Brown.

The National Bailliage of Canada and local Bailliage in Calgary are proud to be partners in this amazing adventure.

Ashley James
Vice-Chargée de Presse

Photos courtesy of Dave Holland & Phil Crozier