Croatia Dinner
Zagreb, July 10, 2019
Japan and fusion before the summer break
" a great dinner to be remembered in one of Zagreb's finest restaurants "

Our traditional monthly dinner before the summer break in August took place at Takenoko. This Japanese and fusion restaurant, the first of its kind in Croatia, is based on the concept of preparing Japanese and derived fusion dishes.

In 18 years of existence Takenoko has become the most famous destination for the lovers of this style of cuisine in all of Croatia. Due to its popularity, a couple of years ago, a second Takenoko opened in Dubrovnik.

The restaurant’s enduring quality is due to its two chefs, Mario Obrovac and Nenad Stosic, and head waiter Antonio Storic being with the restaurant from the start. This adds to the quality of service allowing better understanding of regular clients’ preferences. Moreover, the highest recognition of the restaurant’s exceptional quality is the certificate awarded three years ago by the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture for promoting Japanese gastronomic culture.

The dinner was organised by Antonio Storic who carefully presented each dish prepared by the duo of chefs. Enhancing this culinary experience was Takenoko’s historically significant location in Zagreb’s first nine-storey high-rise built in 1934 by famous architect Slavko Lowy who also lived there.

We were welcomed with sake and appetizers which included spring rolls (their version is filled with chicken and shrimps and deep fried in breadcrumbs), gyoza filled with vegetables, mild in flavour, only baked for a short time with sensationally crispy ebi tempura (deep fried tiger prawns). Platters followed of different types of sushi and sashimi prepared with fresh Adriatic tuna and salmon, with a special attraction of Japanese greater amberjack.

The first of two main courses included Japanese black cod in saikyo orange sauce. It was exceptionally prepared, a real delicacy of exquisite taste. The second was a Takenoko classic: duck confit discretely accompanied with celery cream, a grand finale for the palate. Desserts included two reliable international classics - panna cotta and dark chocolate parfait.

A premium Grasevina from our member’s Kutjevo wine cellars featured in the selection of wines together with these absolute rarities: Frankovka from Bizeljsko produced by excellent Slovenian winemaker Simon Pinteric and especially the red Malvasia by Klaudio Tomaz which, for most of the guests, was their first encounter with this wine and rare grape variety.

In summary, it was a great dinner to be remembered in one of Zagreb’s finest restaurants.

Koralijka Tironi
Chargée de Presse