Slovenia Lunch
Otocec, August 24, 2019
Superb flavours in the shade of the garden
" three Executive Chefs from Otocec, Dolenjske and Smarjeske Toplice prepared the menu "

The rhythm of the Bailliage’s dining events continued with the by now traditional lunch at Otocec Castle.

This year we were joined by members from Australia who were travelling through our part of Europe. It is their example and attendance at our lunch that is a kind of reminder to all Chaîne members who travel the world and probably forget that they too can attend events in other countries. Just look at the international and national websites and one can quickly discover where and when a meeting will take place in a specific country.

Turning to our lunch, three Executive Chefs from Otocec, Dolenjske and Smarjeske Toplice prepared the menu. They followed the heritage cuisine of the Dolenjska (Lower Carniola) region upgraded to a modern interpretation in both shape and flavour.

Upon arrival, in front of the castle tower we could try charcoal-grilled beef with chanterelles and balls of venison pate both partnered of course with the internationally-awarded Simonic Semiška Penina Brut sparkling wine.


Carp three ways
Zeleni Silvanec 2017 - Frelih

Chilled cucumber soup
Pinot Gris 2017 - Kartuzija Pleterje

Quail thigh
zlinkrofi (savoury bread strudel)
slice of Raska onion
Akord 2011 - Sturm, Bela Krajina

Peach sorbet

Grilled loin of Karst pork
(prepared by the Chefs before our eyes)
Tatary buckwheat, sliced Penny Bun mushrooms
Carolina 2015 - Jakoncic, Dolenjska

Ice cream with apricot sauce


The courses were all extraordinary in appearance as well - indeed an artistic experience. I firmly believe that Dolenjska has the greatest potential for the development of culinary tourism. Among the health resorts in Slovenia, the region has much to offer.

In conclusion, the tranquil, shady castle garden, the backdrop of the castle, the River Krka and, above all, the excellent food and service made this event an unforgettable event.

Prof. Dr. Janez Bogataj
Conseiller Gastronomique

Photos: Drago Skerget, Grand Officier