Thailand Dinner
Bailliage of Bangkok
Bangkok, September 19, 2019
Michelin-starred dining at Sühring
" Chef Thomas and Chef Mathias engaged with our private party throughout the evening "

When the Bailliage planned an exclusive dinner in the kitchen of Sühring - two Michelin Stars and ranked fourth in Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants 2019 - we knew we were going to have a unique experience albeit for a limited number of members given the space limitations.

It came to light that, surprisingly, some who attended the evening had eaten in the main dining room over 15 times! The opportunity to be in the kitchen with twin brothers, Chefs Thomas and Mathias, crafting German fare right in front of them was a huge draw.


Pike and buttermilk
2017 Claus Preisinger St Laurent Ancestral Sparkling
Burgenland, Austria


Chapter One
Leberkäse [1]
Enleta (a classic German waffle)
Frankfurter grüne Sosse [2]
2014 Schlossgut Diel Riesling Kabinett, Nahe, Germany

Chapter Two
Simmental beef and truffle
Brotzeit [3]
Lobster and caviar
Zander (pike-perch) cooked over cedar wood
2015 Riesling Kallstadter Saumagen Riesling Spatlese Trocken
Koehler-Ruprecht - Pfalz, Germany

Hungarian duck aged for seven days, cauliflower
2015 Weingut Ziereisen Talrain Spätburgunder
Baden, Germany

Chapter Three
Bircher muesli
Apricot, hazelnut, pumpkin
Omas Eierlikör (Grandma’s eggnog)
Süssigkeitenbox (Candy box)

Chef Thomas and Chef Mathias engaged with our private party throughout the evening combining the essence of family recipes and contemporary Central European influences. A bespoke menu was matched perfectly with German and Austrian wines selected by our Échanson, Sariya Kampanathsanyakorn.

Finbarr O’Connor
Bailli Délégué

[1] Literally meaning “liver cheese”, it is a specialty food found in the south of Germany, in Austria and parts of Switzerland. Similar to bologna sausage it consists of corned beef, pork and bacon all finely ground then baked as a loaf in a bread tin until it has a crunchy brown crust.

[2] Frankfurt’s famous green sauce.

[3] A traditional German savoury snack native to Bavarian cuisine.