Hong Kong SAR China Dinner
September 26, 2019
Surprise after surprise at Emporio Antico
" The star course was the seared foie gras "

Emporio Antico on Hennessy Road in Wan Chai has taken an innovative direction under the leadership of Chef Mike Boyle, who works diligently to deliver his promise of good food that is healthy by using fresh ingredients and making everything in-house whenever possible.

The evening started with an Italian Spumante and a selection of canapes delicately served throughout the reception. Following this was an Apple Caramel Spritz “amuse booze” inspired by Chef Mike’s tours throughout the USA.

It was surprise after surprise through the evening where each dish was thoughtfully conceptualized.

From honeydew marinated with basil, mint and tarragon, to duck breast that had been salted and fried to resemble chicharron.


Chilled melon soup
compressed watermelon, cucumber
avocado espuma, Beluga premium caviar
Champagne Henri Giraud NV

Seared foie gras
five-spice pickled plum, hazelnut shortbread
charred leek
Scarbolo Pinot Grigio 2017

Himalayan pink salt-crusted crispy skin duck breast
roasted grapes, Pinotage and pepper berry puree
celery root, candied walnut
Boschendal Pinotage 2016

Loin of lamb
ratatouille, cauliflower puree, 25-year old Balsamic vinegar
wild rice, black truffle
St Francis Winery Cabernet Sauvignon 2012
Sonoma County

Signature dark chocolate brownie
organic cocoa, sweet potato, raspberry, candied almond

Tea or coffee
Linzer cookies

The star course was the seared foie gras. It featured five-spice pickled plums that were pureed with red wine making for a harmonious blend of sweet, salt and textured crunch.

Homemade shortbread added body to balance out the fattiness of the foie gras and the bitterness of the charred leeks accompaniment rounded off the dish to perfection.

Chef Mike’s style was with a fresh approach to the food itself rather than focusing on a specific culture and the wines reflected as such. Wines came from Friuli in Italy to Stellenbosch in South Africa. Each was carefully selected to pair with the delicate nature of the food and bring out their true flavours.

Gwenyth Marie Siu
Acting Chargée de Presse