China Dinner
Bailliage of Qingdao
Qingdao, August 31, 2019
A taste of Down Under

On the last day of August, the Bailliage held “A Taste of Down Under” at the InterContinental Qingdao, featuring award-winning guest Chef, Daniel Brooker from New Zealand. Twenty-four members and distinguished guests attended this first-class banquet.

Bailli Carl Duggan gave a welcome speech and introduced all our members and guests. Then Chef Daniel and Vice-Chancelier Adam Haywood, both hailing from New Zealand, introduced the upcoming fine food and wine.

Daniel started his culinary career in 2000 in Auckland. He gained rich experience spanning 18 years across New Zealand, Oman, Kazakhstan, Abu Dhabi and China as an Executive Chef. He was a Gold Medallist at the 2012 Culinary Olympics held in Germany. He is also the main curator of Dragons Blood Gin, which is a unique, hand-crafted gin distilled using the highest quality of local and imported herbs and spices in the beautiful city of Chifeng, Inner Mongolia.


Pawa salad with kumara and coriander
Smoked hapuku with dill aioli
Braised venison kiwi pies with spiced tomato sauce
Mini fish ‘n’ chips with lemon and tartare sauce
Dragon’s Blood Gin cocktails
Gin and tonic Mongolian style
Pineapple Express Yoko


Classic kiwi prawn cocktail, Marie Rose sauce
butter, germ, lemon and avocado cream
TeMuna Sauvignon Blanc - Martinborough, New Zealand

Panko-crusted pork
sweet and sour pineapple relish, baby coriander
 “Apple in the woods” by Gold Dragon Gin
 Mongolian apples, lemon, palm sugar

Butter roasted orange roughy* fillet
braised ox tail, vegetables, lobster jus
Kim Crawford Pinot Gris, Marlborough, New Zealand

Kumquat and lime with Gold Dragon Gin sorbet

Seared venison fillet, black pudding, wild mushroom
baby onions, chocolate juniper vinaigrette
Wairau River Reserve Pinot Noir
Marlborough, New Zealand

Feijoa cheesecake, hokey pokey, fresh berries
Villa Maria Sparkling Sauvignon Blanc
Marlborough, New Zealand

The ballroom was transformed into a lush green wonderland representing New Zealand’s clean and environmentally-friendly image.

Showcasing New Zealand’s diverse cuisine that is often described as “Pacific Rim”, “A Taste of Down Under” was a culinary experience like no other. The blend of influences from the region created a mouth-watering range of flavours, complemented by wines that represented several of New Zealand’s popular wine regions and grape varieties that have earned them world recognition.

Vive la Chaîne!

Adam Haywood

*Ed. The orange roughy is a relatively large deep-sea fish belonging to the slimehead family. It is notable for its extraordinary lifespan, living for well over 100 years.