Slovenia Dinner
Dvorec Zemono, September 13, 2019
Taste of Vipava under the stars
" The final verdict always belongs to the guests and we were ecstatic! "

For our 12th dinner at Restaurant pri Lojzetu at Dvorec Zemono, the theme was “Tastes of Vipava under the stars”.

Zemono is a small settlement in the Vipava Valley north of the town of Vipava in the coastal region of Slovenia. Zemono Manor, built on a small hill above the settlement, is a 17th-century manor house. Unusually for the area, it is built in the Palladian style with a rectangular floor plan. The renovated building which now houses the Restaurant pri Lojze is surrounded by a park and vineyards.

The gastronomic offer at pri Lojzetu is now being created by the fourth generation. Chef Tomaz Kavcic, Maître Restaurateur, is also the first and long-time president of the Slovenian section of the Jeunes Restaurateurs d'Europe and the winner of the European JRE Award for Innovation 2017/2018. Even though he never studied abroad, he acquired a great deal of knowledge in cooperation with the famous masters of his profession.

Gathering on the terrace members and their guests were presented with an array of canapés accompanied by cocktails and Zemono rosé sparkling wine (made from Pinot Noir).


Three types of house bread with horseradish spread

“Greetings from the kitchen”
One hundred percent Adriatic fish
Stokelj White 2017 - Vipava Valley

Stemberger Malvasia 2018 - Kras

Buzara-style gambas
Marjan Simcic Pinot Gris 2018 - Gorizia Hills

Eggplant with three types of cow's milk
Jamšek 1887 Wine Estate Pinot Noir 2015
Vipava Valley

Gilt-head bream
sliced walnut, saffron cream
crispy chard and red beets
Vipava 1894 ‘Lanthieri’ Pinella 2017
Vipava Valley

“Something cool”

115th birthday of the banana split
(not created in Split, Croatia, but in 1904 in Pennsylvania, USA!)
Tilia Galileus Rumeni Muskat 2018
(semi-sweet) - Vipava Valley

Tomaz Kavcic loves his Vipava Valley so he proudly shows it off … on a plate. Every single dish we were served exuded the rich local tradition. Each dish is first envisioned in his head then boldly tested in the kitchen. The final verdict always belongs to the guests and we were ecstatic!

Photos by Ales Knoll, Chevalier