Denmark Dinner
Brandholm, September 28, 2019
Luxury location, excellent craftmanship, superb service
" at the award-winning Bandholm Hotel, TripAdvisor's Best Hotel in Denmark "

The Bailliage started its new season with a dinner at the award-winning Bandholm Hotel, TripAdvisor’s Best Hotel in Denmark for three years in a row.

Bandholm is located 90 minutes south of Copenhagen in a very small town with some very charming old houses. The luxury hotel, dating from 1886, is located on the harbour with the most splendid ocean view. There’s a fantastic spa. Its outstanding restaurant is well known for its gourmet kitchen under Head Chef Naomi Fouché who has been at the hotel since 2010.

On arrival we were greeted with a glass of champagne by Hotel Manager Joseph Kristiansen and his staff. There was ample time to mingle and chat before dinner - with a couple of refills on the way!


Oyster with basil caviar - served on ice
Lamb croquette - served hot
NV Champagne Pierre Leboeuf - Aÿ Grand Cru

Monkfish cheeks
beurre noisette, dehydrated tomato
2016 Bourgogne Blanc 'La Jumalie - Henri Darnat
(served from magnums)

Apple and ginger granite

root vegetable, pommes Anna
vegetables from Knuthenlund
toasted chestnuts and chanterelles
2015 Rosso di Montalcino ‘Ignaccio' - Il Marroneto

Baked marzipan with cornflower
quince from the garden, walnuts
2012 Vin Santo del Chianti ‘345 - Montechiaro

'Naomi’s Signature Dessert'
Beetroot cannelloni with chocolate and rum
2015 Recioto della Valpolicella - Domini Veneti

Coffee and sweets

The menu was introduced by Chef Naomi. The wines were selected and presented by Hotel Manager Joseph Kristiansen who is also the hotel’s Sommelier.

At the traditional line up of the staff after dinner Bailli Délégué Jørgen Krenk and Échanson Jens Steffen Hansen gave their appreciation.

Jørgen said he was very impressed, especially with the monkfish cheeks course and with the dessert where Naomi had played with fruits and vegetables showing excellent craftmanship. Jens was also very pleased with the wine selection which was perfectly paired with excellence of the food.

Jørgen had only words of praise for the service brigade, so with pleasure he awarded them the Bailliage of Denmark “service staff” pin for their first-class work.

After the coffee we went to the hotel’s lounge bar where an excellent selection of spirits was to be found.

Torben Søemod
Conseiller Gastronomique