Germany Grand Chapitre
Berlin, October 3-5, 2019
Grand, unique, outstanding
" The world came to Berlin from 11 different countries "

The National Bailliage’s autumn Grand Chapitre was held in Berlin. It was grand in the literal sense.

More than 350 members and guests were present to participate in this outstanding event. The Induction Ceremony took place in the newly erected Humboldt Forum, where formerly stood the town palace of the German Emperor Wilhelm II. It is not open to the public yet so we were very privileged to be there.

The Gala Dinner was served in a unique location amidst vintage cars. As for tours Berlin has so many extraordinary locations and historic sites to offer that the choice was difficult. However, through the range of events in the programme everyone was able to experience the amazing history of this city.

Bailli Franz Hauk and his dedicated local Board answered the various queries, needs and wishes from our visitors locally and internationally. Our Inducting Officer was the new Grand Argentier Benoît Fragnière. His task was not easy because he had to induct or promote more than 130 new members. What an achievement in all senses!

The world came to Berlin from 11 different countries. The Bailliage of Berlin can be truly proud of creating this very grand occasion. It has certainly left wonderful memories with Chaîne members both in Germany and from the 11 visiting countries.

Vive la Chaîne!

Barbara Tritschler

Photos by Klaus Butenschön