Turkey Dinner
Bailliage of Antalya
Antalya, October 5, 2019
Starting the new season in a palace
" Ottoman gastronomy has become the world's largest and richest fusion cuisine "

After the summer break our Bailliage decided to start the new season in a ‘Chaîne’ appropriate way by gathering in a palace. Swandor Topkapi Palace Hotel is one of the most spectacular works of Ottoman architecture on the Turkish Riviera.

The whole evening’s atmosphere, decorations and dinner were inspired by the Ottoman Empire period (1299-1922).

Ottoman gastronomy has become the world's largest and richest fusion cuisine thanks to the fertile land of Anatolia, its historical richness and the influences of many cultures.

The menu was presented by a dear member of our Bailliage, Burkay Durukan, Food and Beverage Director of the Swandor Group. Burkay composed not only the menu but was also responsible for organising the event.

Wonderfully-presented Ottoman and fusion-flavoured dishes were accompanied with tasty Turkish and foreign wines. We were in for a treat for sure.

And did you know that during the Ottoman Empire, olive oil dishes were consumed to relieve the stomach before a main meal - a 700 years-old palate cleanser! Also dried fruits like plums were used during the Ottoman period in meat, rice and dessert dishes.


Goat’s cheese with çemen spice marinated salmon
cucumber and pistachio salad, beet and lemon sauce
Laroche Chablis 2018 - Burgundy, France

Sole, sea beans, muslin sauce
Suvla Sauvignon-Semillon 2016 - Turkey

Sorbet flavoured with Turkish Raki

Roasted goat
marinated globe artichoke
Iberia Mukuzani Saperavi 2008 - Georgia

Cold shrimp stew
Jerusalem artichoke, orange
Kavaklidere Lâl Çal Karasi 2018 - Turkey

Beef tongue and cheek
rice, sour plum sauce
Corvus Cabernet Sauvignon-Syrah-Merlot 2010
Bozcaada, Turkey

Pumpkin dessert
pistachio rolls, goat’s milk ice cream
Iberia Khvanchkara Aleksandrouli-Mujuretuli 2012 - Georgia

Special thanks to Burkay Durukan, the management, kitchen and service brigades of the Swandor Topkapi Hotel for an exciting evening full of surprises.

Leonie Kilic
Vice Conseiller-Culinaire