Switzerland Jeunes Chefs Rôtisseurs
Interlaken, October 19, 2019
New hopefuls for top Swiss gastronomy put to the test
" Winner Kévin Vasselin also received the coveted national trophy "

Seven young culinary talents demonstrated a high level of skills when challenging themselves under friendly pressure in Switzerland’s National Final of the Jeunes Chefs Rôtisseurs Competition held in the Bildungszentrum Interlaken (BZI).

The Bailliage’s encouragement of young chefs is especially important for Switzerland as a tourist destination in that it promotes high-end table and kitchen culture.

The 2019 competitors - seven motivated young people - fought for victory at the prestigious event, an important step on the road to their success. The first two places were taken by young men from Geneva, whilst in Third Place was a young woman from Ticino:

- Winner: Kévin Vasselin, Hôtel Beau Rivage, Genève
- Runner-up: Julien Maillard, Hôtel Le Richemond, Genève
- Third Place: Nataly Quispealaya Buttgenbach, Hotel Splendide Royal, Lugano

The Geneva competitors were selected three weeks ago in the local Bailliage’s competition. Conseiller Culinaire Irma Dütsch sees great potential in this initiative of Bailli Nadim Arfan and his officers. Her aspiration for the future is that suchlike events will be held in all Bailliages.

Compulsory ingredients this year were scallops, shrimp and fresh salmon for the first course, Bresse chicken and goose liver for the main course and for the dessert European ‘Louise’ pears and an almond fan.

Having announced their menu for four people, the young chefs enthusiastically engaged in an exciting competition. The service of the first course was exactly 3½ hours after starting work. The main course and dessert came at intervals of 15 minutes thereafter.

The panel of judges comprised two Chefs in the kitchen with three Chefs and Non-professional members evaluating the completed dishes. Jury President Irma Dütsch praised the creativity and professionalism of the young chefs. Their respective dishes showed extraordinary achievement and amazing composition.

All the competitors received a diploma and a cash prize. The 1-2-3 received a beautiful Victorinox knife block, whilst the other four competitors were rewarded with a carving knife.

Winner Kévin Vasselin also received the coveted national trophy. He will now represent Switzerland at the International Final in Paris in September 2020.

Annette Weber
Chargée de Presse