Portugal Lunch
Bailliage of Algarve
Barranco Velho, October 19, 2019
Hunter's lunch and wine tasting
" Bailli Roy Clevenholm thanked Chef Nuno Pires for his delicacies and Cátia Graça for the attentive service "

On Portugal’s south coast north of Faro near the Algarve’s beaches and golf courses are the Caldeirao Mountains. Rich in game makes them and local traditional restaurant Tia Bia in the village of Barranco an ideal venue for a Hunters’ lunch to celebrate autumn.

Wines from local winery Quinta da Tor featured in our wine tasting. Owner Mario and his daughter Catarina Santos provided detailed explanations of grape varieties and soil types, together with information about fermentation storage, alcohol content and ideal serving temperatures.

Recently, Algarve wines have developed in quality and quantity, improving to rival the Alentejo region’s better-known produce. Four wines were tasted, one white and three reds.  The final red, a Syrah 2017, had been matured in stainless steel vats producing a robust wine soft on the palette whilst releasing its full taste slowly. We were amazed at the high alcohol content of 17%!

We visited a local Medronho distillery for a guided tour and tasting whilst the restaurant prepared lunch. Medronho is a local aguardente, a traditional fruit brandy made from the fruit of the medronho tree, Arbutus Uedo. Also known as the strawberry tree its fruits, harvested in October/November, resemble small bunches of lychees. Medronho usually contains 48% alcohol by volume.

The lunch menu was chosen to reflect the restaurant’s locality renowned for its game and fresh local produce of vegetables, olives and herbs.

The appetizer combined fresh cheese, hams, pâtés and stuffed mushrooms. The main course selection was boar, game and codfish and shrimp stews. Some were served traditionally “migas” style in a hollowed-out loaf of bread as the plate. Wines from Quinta da Tor were the perfect accompaniment. Finally, a selection of traditional desserts was served Algarve-style with Port.

Bailli Roy Clevenholm thanked Chef Nuno Pires for his delicacies and Cátia Graça for the attentive service we received. He presented them with a certificate as a token of thanks.

Valerie Lantau
Vice-Chargée de Presse