Kuwait Dinner
September 21, 2019
'House of Belgium' theme
" a great gastronomic experience "

The “House of Belgium” was the theme of the Bailliage’s September dinner at the residence of the Ambassador of Belgium, Chevalier d’Honneur, His Excellency Piet Heirbaut and his lovely wife Grace.

It was a unique evening featuring Belgium’s delicacies and specialties from its most popular dishes, ingredients and drinks.

For the very first time, beer was served to match the courses of a superb and remarkable menu, in a very genuine way.

Famous for their seafood we started with crevettes and another first timer, pickled grapefruit.

Mussels, the classic Belgian dish, some even call it the national dish, is a natural star of the country’s cuisine. People used to say: “One should only eat them in the months that contain an “r” in the name but nowadays they are available from July till April.

Brussels sprouts, another famous Belgian vegetable, were served with the main course. Although native to the Mediterranean region with other cabbage species, Brussels sprouts first appeared in northern Europe during the 5th century, later being cultivated in the 13th century near Brussels, from where they derived their name.

The finale went through a selection of finest cheese and yet another fascinating delicacy, chocolate, the delicious taste of which speaks for itself.

The “House of Belgium” was a great gastronomic experience. The Jumeirah Hotel did a wonderful job in presenting the best of Belgium’s cuisine.

Soumaya El-Azem
Chargée de Missions