China Grand Chapitre
Bailliage of Qingdao
Qingdao, November 8-10, 2019
Celebrating our Bailliage's first anniversary
" What better way .. than with a Grand Chapitre!

What better way for a Bailliage to celebrate its first anniversary than with a Grand Chapitre!

The weekend of events was held at three different landmarks in Qingdao. A total of 50 members and guests attended from around the city, the region and country to celebrate our newest milestone. Guest of honour was Inducting Officer Joe Thawilvejjakul, Member of the Conseil Magistral, who joined us from Thailand to preside over the three day programme.

Festivities began with a dinner organised by Bailli Carl Duggan, Vice-Chancelier Adam Haywood and Vice-Conseiller Culinaire Fabio Polidori. It took place at Bonjour La, which is a series of pre-First World War tunnels and rooms built by the Germans in the heart of the city’s old town. Thirty members and guests attended this delightful event featuring a four-course dinner, paired with a selection of traditional and New World wines. The unique experience was enjoyed by all creating a delightful memory that will be talked about for years to come.

The Induction ceremony and Gala dinner were held in the Hyatt Regency Qingdao. One promotion, 12 new Chaîne members and five new Ordre Mondial des Gourmets Dégustateurs (OMGD) members were proudly inducted.

Pre-dinner canapés and champagne were served in the ballroom foyer followed by a flawless production of the seven-course dinner prepared by the hotel’s Executive Chef Sara Lin. The excellent service met the high standards expected of a Chaîne function.

After the dinner, attendees were invited into the ballroom foyer to experience a Mexican Tequila bar. The icing on the cake was the after party where all members and guests were treated to a tasting experience of the top-notch Rémy-Martin Louis XIII Cognac.

The weekend celebrations concluded with an OMGD lunch at the world-renowned Tsing Tao Beer Museum and Brewery with a private tour of the facility, learning about the history and beer brewed from various points of production.

After the tour, we were invited into the VIP bar for a pilsner and pre-lunch canapés. Then we ascended to the beautiful dining room for lunch where we experienced another five specialty beers produced by Tsing Tao, each beautifully paired with some of the favourite and famous dishes Qingdao has to offer as prepared by the museum’s resident Chef.

This whole experience was thoroughly embraced by all in attendance and will go down in history as a very memorable Grand Chapitre.

Vive la Chaîne!

Carl Duggan