Malaysia Chapitre
Kuala Lumpur, October 12, 2019
A truly marvellous occasion!
" There was pure joy to behold on the faces of members and their guests "

The National Bailliage held its annual Chapitre at the perennially-opulent Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre.

Certainly the Gala Induction event is one of the highlights in the calendar. New members are welcomed, the oath to the Chaîne renewed, promotions celebrated as are the Bailliage’s ‘Young Chefs’ prize winners and the ‘Dato Lau Foo San Award for Excellence’ trophy is awarded. Congratulations to all the worthy recipients!

Steven Kahn, Member of the Conseil Magistral from Hong Kong, represented President Atallah by presiding over the Induction Ceremony.

The Gala Dinner that followed was themed “Designing flavour through experiences”.

Victual delights began with an intriguing array of pre-dinner canapés - Potato canoli, Hamaci nigiri, Wild mushroom puff, Petit coulibiac - washed down by delicious Moët et Chandon Brut Imperial whilst overlooking the gargantuan Twin Towers vista.

For those who neglected the fizz there was a spunky local ‘Negrosia’ of Gin, Campari, Sweet Vermouth infused with ginger flower and lemongrass!

The Banquet Hall had been transformed into a luminescent arena of sumptuous tables arranged in giant crosses - ‘X’ certainly marked the spot! A special mention must be made to Vice-Chargé de Missions Anthony Tan for so kindly donating 120 unique decorative show plates to the Bailliage for its formal dinners.

Feasting was initiated with divine foie gras, Roselle Granny Smith apple compote and ginger pumpkin bread, all matched with inspiration by a Saito Premium Junmai Sake served in crafted rustic receptacles.

On equally-resplendent, sparkling, bespoke plates was ushered the exquisite marble of scampi medallion, king crab and lovage - a seafood medley masterwork!

There was pure joy to behold on the faces of members and their guests as they descended on the heavenly cream of artichoke with golden confit parisienne potato. A topping of shaved truffle was added immaculately by the Service Brigade. Crisp Leeuwin Estate Margaret River Chardonnay accompanied.

‘Duo of poultry’, semi-smoked petit Sakura chicken with quail, feta, figs, chestnut panna cotta and Parmesan espuma, was a truly celestial cornucopia of tastes!

To refresh our palates, a neat effervescent concoction of indigenous flavour came in the shape of Sarawak pineapple sherbet enhanced by lemongrass infused with ginger flower. The Bailli of Perak had the assembled gathering in raptures of laughter with her poetic ‘Toast to the Gentlemen’ - a cheeky waxing lyrical on the perfect man!

Continuing the gastronomic experience was pan-roasted open sea snapper with green asparagus, butternut “rocher” accompanied by a delightful hollandaise. Refreshing New Zealand Villa Maria Pinot Noir provided the vinous complement.

The combination of rack of lamb, polenta-gorgonzola gateau and a potent shallot glaze was exalted with each sup of a vigorous Torbreck Barossa Valley Woodcutters Shiraz.

Dessert simply and aptly entitled “A” revealed a perfectly-shaped glistening red apple, avocado and aloe vera delight. A work of pure epicurean art perfectly partnered by Chapoutier Muscat de Beaumes de Venise.

As usual after the uplifting espressos, Cognac and Single Malt were imbibed with impeccable petits fours to round off the evening’s jollification.

We were regularly reminded by our informative Inducting Officer that the Chaîne was a fraternity of camaraderie, food and friendship. To be sure, the members of the Bailliage of Malaysia and their guests certainly enjoyed this spectacular evening to the full, once more elegantly hosted by the maestros at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre!

The dinner “extraordinaire” seemed to take on a transcendental feel to the evening. Supremely crafted by the KLCC Executive Chef and his team, not to mention the knowledgeable wine pairings by connoisseurs led by our Chancelier who is the KLCC General Manager, it was an exceptional event. The suave orchestrations of our distinguished Bailli Délégué and his faithful National Council delivered a truly marvellous occasion!

Dr Robin Sambhi
Chargé de Presse