Slovenia Dinner
Nova Gorica, November 22, 2019
Pride in Slovenia's culinary and gastronomic recognition
" A quite large scallop, like a delicious steak, was the centrepiece of the main course "

This was a great dinner at Hotel/Restaurant Dam on a Friday evening during which members and their guests were pampered with a typical seafood offer.

It's still not completely clear to me why the whole evening was extremely enjoyable, fun and more? Maybe because of the great food and service, maybe because of the interior design, which exudes relaxation, maybe because of all this?

It was clear that Chef Uroš Fakuč, who was cooking for us for a third time, is entirely worthy of his reputation at the very top of Slovenian cuisine and gastronomy. This is all the more important as I am experiencing real euphoria these past weeks over the much-anticipated arrival of Michelin rating.

And so to the food and wine report.

First we tried slices of trout with polenta, pomegranate seeds and frozen olive oil “candy”. The colours were vibrant, the flavours were excellent and they matched perfectly with the 2018 Teza Zeleni Sauvignon from winemaker Luka Prinčič in Vipolz.

What followed was a dish that I can say was remarkable, out of this world! Spinach with black egg and roots! Unforgettable … and if you were to choose a shortlist of dishes of the year, undoubtedly this one would be in your selection!

The risotto that followed was wonderful, with a taste of the sea - we sensed the aroma of oysters. Masterful, especially when paired with Valter Sirk’s 2017 Pinot Beli.

A quite large scallop, like a delicious steak, was the centrepiece of the main course. For a sweet finish Chef prepared a dessert of dark chocolate, olive oil, fleur de sel and orange and blood orange ice cream.

In the end, I can only say that we can be proud of Slovenia’s culinary and gastronomic recognition through its exceptional Chefs and winemakers. We are pleased that many these individuals are members of the Chaîne!

Prof. Dr. Janez Bogataj
Consellier Gastronomique