France Grand Chapitre
Champagne, October 25-27, 2019
Over 100 guests from 9 countries
" we had the pleasure of exploring Reims and its stunning cathedral "

The Bailliage of France was delighted and honoured to welcome its members and their guests to its Grand Chapitre in Champagne (Épernay, Reims and Tours-sur-Marne) on Friday 25, Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 October 2019.

Friday 25th
The day began with a tour of “Les Aulnois”, a historic monument dating back to 1780 and currently belonging to Henriot Champagnes.

The evening began with a reception, where we were welcomed by Mr Pierre Charles Taittinger in the 18th century home of his family, “La Marquetterie”.

The day ended with dinner at “Le Grand Cerf” in Villers-Allerand where the chef, Michelin-starred since 1984, ably demonstrated his art and delighted our taste buds.

Saturday 26th
In the morning we had the pleasure of exploring Reims and its stunning cathedral, as well as the Palace of Tau, former home of the bishops of Reims.

We then met for lunch at “La Briqueterie” in Vinay where the meal, prepared by Chef Thomas Debouzy and served with exceptional wines selected by Chef Sommelier Delphin Cornaille, satisfied all of our culinary and gastronomic needs.

The afternoon was set aside for the France Bailliage’s AGM for some, while others were treated to a tour of the 18th century Château de Pierry.

We then made our way to the Domaine de Laurent-Perrier in Tours-sur-Marne, where some forty inductions took place before a tour of the cellars and an aperitif followed by the Gala Dinner, attended by over 100 guests from Bailliages from 9 countries, in a rather impressive setting, with a menu served with different Laurent-Perrier champagne vintages.


Sea bream tartare with king prawns

Erquy blue lobster consommé

Celery and truffle risotto

Spit-roasted rack of veal

Raspberry delicacies

Coffee and petits fours

Sunday 27th
To finish off the weekend, Sunday was dedicated to talks on everything you need to know about cigars and champagne.

Jean-François Guichard
Bailli Délégué