Sweden - Magnus Ek
Maître Rôtisseur
Oaxen Krog, Slip, Farm, Solo and Hotel

“You make people happy when you cook for them”. Magnus realized this early on and it was the beginning of his career.

After more than a thousand hours and a million steps on different kitchen floors, Maître Rôtisseur Magnus Ek and Agneta Green landed on the island of Oaxen in the archipelago of Stockholm.

It all started there. Their food philosophy was different. Words like “locally produced” and “organic” were not included in the gastronomic dictionary at that time. “Fine dining” meant foie gras and truffle.

Living on Oaxen they were close to the forest, water for fishing, farmers on nearby islands and a vegetable garden, everything they needed to cook good food. The cooking was at highest level. The extensive tasting menu was fantastic. Guests arrived from day one despite travelling by train, bus and ferry through sun and snow. It took nearly three years before the media became aware of the restaurant.

Marriage ceremonies were held outside in the old quarry. Celebration dinners were enjoyed in the restaurant. Wedding nights spent on the Prins van Orangiën anchored in the water below the restaurant. Magnus and Agneta carefully renovated this prestigious ship built in 1935 into a luxury hotel.

The couple stayed on the island for 17 years and then it was time for a change.

Their new property was close to both nature and water, almost in the middle of Stockholm in the Royal Park Kungliga Djurgården. They brought along their food philosophy, the name Oaxen and the ship Prince van Orangiën. They started Oaxen Farm with their own gardener to grow more vegetables which they harvest every morning. What isn’t used is stored in an old, traditional outside cellar next door to the restaurant.

After a decade Oaxen Slip continues to attract its guests with a bistro menu including homemade sausages. Oaxen Krog is known for its gastronomic adventures of 22 servings. Nature inspires when the menu is designed. The wine selection is paired from chosen vineyards of the Old World.

Oaxen Slip offers different events during the year. At the highly acclaimed Oaxen Solo food lovers from all over the world who are by themselves can eat together.

Awards of all kinds have been raining down on Oaxen. There is not one Swedish award they have not received. Magnus was a member of the Swedish Culinary Team and won gold at the Culinary Olympics in 2000.

Magnus and Agneta are portrayed on the Wall of Fame in the international arrivals’ hall at Stockholm’s Arlanda Airport. Not to be forgotten are the two Michelin stars Oaxen Krog has had during the last five years. Can it get any better?

Catarina Offe
Conseiller Culinaire