OMGD China Tasting Dinner
Bailliage of Shenzhen
Guangzhou, December 14, 2019
Rare grappa, unique venue, educational experience
" Charlie's atmosphere, the remarkable cuisine, outstanding grappa and friendly unobtrusive service was the perfect mixture "

The world of wine and spirits reaches around the globe - the well-known and the hidden gems. The first Ordre Mondial des Gourmets Dégustateurs (OMGD) grappa pairing tasting in South China brought together members and guests from the Bailliages of Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chongqing, Nanning in China and Thailand.

The venue was Charlie’s, a new dining concept in the old heart of Guangzhou. Dating from the 1920’s and originally a wealthy Chinese family’s villa, both venue and surrounding area take one back in time.

We embarked on a tasting journey through Italy giving a glimpse of the culinary perfection and craftsmanship of the spirit producers. The influence of Italian cuisine and lifestyle surrounds us daily inspiring the local community.

Beginning on the first floor of Charlie’s everyone was greeted by tailor-made Italian spirits-based cocktails. Reminiscent of an old Italian coffee bar, on the countertop was a special selection of Italian cheeses produced in Beijing, cold cuts and a unique dry-aged ham on the bone from Yunnan Province which had been carefully cured with Spanish salt. Our taste buds were rounded off with a special selection of Aristocrat Caviar. These appetizers were paired with Poli Grappa originating from the Veneto.

Moving to the second floor we gathered in the open pasta kitchen to enjoy truly Italian handmade pasta accompanied by a glass of Bollinger Champagne to clear the palette for the next grappa.

After the pasta, we ascended to the third floor where an indoor and outdoor setting was created. Featuring a live barbecue station and a caviar station a barrel-aged grappa was the chosen pairing. We took in the rooftop view of the old settlement and cityscape beyond.

Returning to the first floor the garden of Ticino was revealed. We savoured Swiss cheese raclette and the first surprise - Grappa from Luce della Vite in Tuscany.

The journey concluded at the coffee bar which was converted into a dessert station the main feature of which was traditional tiramisu. The star of the night was revealed: Grappa di Sassicaia from the famous super Tuscan winery.

Charlie’s atmosphere, the remarkable cuisine, outstanding grappa and friendly unobtrusive service was the perfect mixture to set the Christmas mood. The rare grappa and the cheeses from Beijing were the biggest surprises for everyone!

Gifts from Santa: a personalized espresso negroni to take home and cigars for us under the Christmas tree.

Our thanks went to Jebsen Fine Wines for supporting us with the unique, rare grappas and Bollinger Champagne. Finally, a big thank you to the whole team at Charlie’s for making this event possible.

Vive la Chaîne!

Philipp Stieger
Maître Hôtelier